Wear an Android on Your Wrist with the Asus ZenWatch

Wear an Android on Your Wrist with the Asus ZenWatch

The impression that a lot of people might be having is that things have calmed down on the smartwatch side of things and this might be because of the Android Wear declarations made and the heraldry that the Apple Watch bring. But there is another one. Asus happens to be one of the most fascinating companies in the world of… Read More »

Microsoft’s Wearable Gadget “Band” sold out?

Microsoft Band

Microsoft let loose its smooth wearable gadget named “Band” and it was released in Unites States during the later parts of October. Reports pointed to Microsoft Band having garnered extraordinary interest of the gear passionate crowd, and later, the hoarded units got sold out in a flash. On the other hand, additional reports revealed that the tech giant, that’s based… Read More »

Intel Announces That Their New Luxury Smart Bracelet, Mica, Is Scheduled For Launching Sometimes Early In December

Intel Has A New Wearable Gadget Women

Intel have just declared that their new luxury smart bracelet is scheduled for launching sometimes early in December for $495. This bracelet, named MICA, has been designed to appear more similar to a style accessory than a gadget. It’s going to be up for sale on Opening Ceremony and Barney’s. The MICA, an abbreviation of “My Intelligent Communication Accessory,” has a… Read More »

Qatar is the Leader In Terms Of Ownership of It Gadget

Qatar is the Leader In Terms Of Ownership of It Gadget

Going by what the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology has said as far as owning smart phones, tablet devices and laptops are concerned Qatar leaves a lot of established Information and Communication technology nations behind. Approximately 96 % of families of Qatar own laptops and this figure is greater than that in UK, Sweden, Germany, South Korea, Singapore Saudi… Read More »

Gadgets That Make iPad Watching Comfortable

iPad case

All of us are fond of watching television and film on our iPad in bed but many of us are unable to work out a comfy setup for this. Many people would sometimes fall back on holding their tablet for short TV episodes, but certainly there must be easier alternatives. A workable solution requires elevating the iPad to a height… Read More »

Talio – The Smart Litter Box Gadget for Monitoring Your Cat’s Health

The Smart Litter Box Gadget

The unassuming litter box has not been subject to any high-tech innovation ever since the foremost self-cleaning box got launched lots of years back. Even as you might see the litter box as an odd job to be done, Pet Wireless considered turning it into a ground-breaking gadget for a cat’s health. The outcome is a Kickstarter mission named Tailio with the objective of… Read More »

Hi-Tech Gadget That Tips Of Hospital Staff On Whether to Wash Their Hands on Trial

Hi-Tech Gadget That Tips Of Hospital Staff

Employees at a hospital in Yorkshire are participating in the first NHS show of a digital gadget reminding them of cleaning their hands. This gadget is able to perceive hand movements and also make out hand gel to caution staff in the event of their hands needing a wash. It’s on trial in the hectic emergency branch and ward No…. Read More »

Foneastra – The Gadget That in Combination with a Smart Phone Pasteurizes Milk


Breast-milk banks happen to be grand manner of helping infants whose moms are unable to breast-feed. Breast milk is better reinforcing the immune system of a baby, particularly for the ones who are premature / underweight. Such banks can be run easily in a few parts worldwide, like USA. However this is not so in the developing nations like South… Read More »

Amazon’s Most Modern Gadget, Echo Is Similar to a Voice Supporter for Your Residence

Amazon Echo gadget

Amazon.com revealed a voice-managed interactive speaker named Echo that allows people to stream music and look around the Internet/web, as a part of the company’s drive to lengthen the reach it has on the digital lives of clients. Amazon put the price of Echo at $199 on its websites. Those who are Member of the Prime fast-shipping program of Amazon… Read More »

Valkee Bright Light Headsets Termed As a Rip-Off against Ailing People

Valkee Bright Light Headsets

For a price of €199, Valkee Bright Light Headsets, which are iPod-like gadgets which shine LED light into one’s ear canal – guarantee to “drive out winter depression,” which have an effect on a number of people residing in higher latitudes because of the short days of the winter. This product asserts to take care of jet lag and even… Read More »