Striiv Touch – The Fitness Band with a Difference

Striiv Touch

Fitness bands happen to be the rage these days! The Striiv Touch is among the latest of Fitness bands that has a little more to offer with its slim design and incorporated features. Its lean design is ideal, sufficiently thin for fitting anybody yet not such a lot that it would appear dainty. It moreover offers the time as well as date… Read More »

Lakewood Uncovers Smart Phone App That Lets You Pay For Parking In The Parking Lots Downtown

Lakewood Uncovers Smart Phone App

Drivers who park in a couple of municipal lots do not have to feel for their coins / credit cards at kiosks any more. Lakewood is uniting with added communities, which include Pittsburgh; Toledo, Baltimore; Washington, D.C., and Columbus, in letting drivers pay for the duration for which they will park their vehicles from their mobile phones directly. Parkmobile USA… Read More »

The State-Of-The-Art Gadget for Clearing Breakouts

Gadget for Clearing Breakouts

Just as many of us do, Mindy Kaling also struggles with breakout and has to fight them. However unlike many among us she makes use of a hand-held device worth $250 for keeping them at bay. She made this secret know by posting it on Instagram along with the message which says that @soniakharkar took a snap of her applying a blue… Read More »

Amy Williams The Challenge Girl Of The Gadget Show

Amy Williams

She’s at ease with dashing down icy trails on what seems to be slightly more than a tea tray. Thus for Amy Williams MBE, The Gadget Show that is being hosted by Channel 5 must look as if it is a piece of cake. The Olympic gold medal winner and ex- skeleton bob champ who is aged 32 is going… Read More »

A Telepresence Robot Might Become The Next Indispensable Gadget If The Robotics Startups Can Cut Down On Their Cost

Telepresence Robot

If robotics startups can get it right, the subsequent hardware piece that your company spends on might be a telepresence robot, which is a pedestal-shaped device which will allow you to scoot about a remote workplace for checking in on your colleagues. Robots have already made its way into warehouses, factories, and are also used in vacuuming floors, but they… Read More »

Sorting Out The Day’s Sporting Activities

Day’s Sporting Activities

Are you really into one specific sport – and do you like to keep tabs on what’s happening and try to profit from a punt or two on said sports? If you do, then there’s an excellent and unique tool that could help you keep tabs and gamble on your chosen sport while you’re busy doing other things – like… Read More »

Apple Watch Is Going To Include a Set of Apps for Tracking Fitness

Apple Watch

Other than being a wearable heartbeat-sharer, emoji-sender, as well as payment system, Apple Watch is also going to be a fitness tracker. And even though the watch is not going to be available till the early stages of 2015, Apple offered some details on the wearable’s method of tracking activity. This watch has its personal accelerometer as well as heart-rate monitor, but… Read More »

Cyborg Unplug – The Gadget Which Renders Surveillance Systems Ineffective

Cyborg Unplug

Are you disturbed by gadgets such as Google Glass which is theoretically able to be made use of to spy on you in the presence of others? Then what better way than getting your personal gadget which is able to render them ineffective? This is what the makers of Cyborg Unplug guarantee. Referred to as a “wireless anti-surveillance structure,” Unplug is, really, a moveable… Read More »

Rapid Radrain – The New Gadget Which Could Make Plumbing Difficulties A Breeze By Draining Radiators In Ten Minutes

Rapid Radrain

With autumn not far away, radiators would soon be cranking back to life and every so often they would provide you with less than ideal results. However to summon a plumber is able to be expensive. Now, after having spent £50,000 worth of savings and a time of 3 years on design, Peter Jeffrey, a heating engineer and his cousin,… Read More »

The Stress-Reducing Gadget Which Allows You to Control a Smart Phone Game by Using Your Breath

Stress-Reducing Gadget

As all Yoga practitioners claim, developing appropriate breathing practices is vital to a healthy life. As said by the Daily Mail, appropriate breathing is able to lessen stress levels, better workouts and boost up a person’s defense mechanism. But building up good habits is able to be hard thing to do but for on the new Puck.   Zenytime, which is… Read More »