Gionee Pioneer P4 is Available Online, Sold at USD 150


Gionee is ready to expand its budget series of smartphones by introducing Pioneer P4. The device is now available for online at e-bay for USD 150 and has also been listed at the website of the company without any details on price or availability. The Pioneer P4 follows the launch of Pioneer P3 which hit the markets in December. Pioneer… Read More »

Recharge Your Smartphone in 30 Seconds with StoreDot


If you are tired of not being able to use your phone during critical situations and your charger taking a hell of a time to recharge it fully, then good news is here! An Israeli firm has developed a brand new battery charger for smartphones which can recharge it in just 30 seconds. Though it is hard to believe, the… Read More »

Micro 3D Printer Blew Exceeds Kickstarter Goal of $US 50,000 in 11 Minutes!


One of the main things that would prevent people from buying a 3D printer for their homes would be its price. But, if you have always dreamt of printing 3D images at the comforts of your place then it’s time to own a M3D’s Micro 3 D printer! The Kickstarter campaign page of the printer calls it as the first… Read More »

Amazon Launches Fire TV with Voice Command, Gaming and Other Features


Amazon has been unveiling an array of technologies to consumers much quicker than they expected. The latest product from the firm is the Fire TV that is considered by many as a competitor to the famed Apple TV. Fire TV is a smart box that enables users to connect to an array of web video services and offers access to… Read More »

Nokia Unveils Lumia 930 with Windows Phone 8.1 and 20 MP PureView Camera


Nokia has unveiled another Smartphone under its wing with a quad-core processor. The company introduced its new flagship phone – the Lumia 930. The new device was launched at the Microsoft Build Conference and is expected to be made available for sales worldwide this June at a cost of USD 599. Lumia 930 is powered with the 2.2 GHz quad-core… Read More »

Windows 8 Updates During Microsoft Conference


Microsoft has promised to update its latest Windows 8 Operating System at a regular pace in order to respond to the feedback and complaints by its consumers. Within months of release of Windows 8.1, Microsoft is ready to make changes to make it much easier for those who are using Windows using traditional input methods like keyboard and mouse. The… Read More »

iPhone 6 Screens to Be Produced from Next Month


Apple Inc is all set to begin its mass production of display screens from May this year for its next iPhone, which would be launched in autumn this year, according to sources. The 4.7 inch screen would enter the production first which means the ones with 5.5 inch size would be delayed. Unidentified sources also added that companies like LG… Read More »

Lenovo Recalls ThinkPad Battery Packs in China, Canada and US Due to Fire Hazard


The US Consumer Product Safety Commission made an announcement recently that Lenovo has begun its recall of ThinkPad Notebook Computer battery packs as they faced a fire hazard owing to over-heating which might cause severe damage to the computer. The commission also added that over 34,500 computer battery packs were sold in US while about 2900 were sold in Canada… Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S5 Roll-out Brought Forward in South Korea


The launch of Samsung’s brand new Smartphone Galaxy S5 has been advanced with three South Koreas mobile carriers, in order to prevent from the blow of the suspension of sales on its operators. The regulators have banned SK telecom Company Ltd, LG UPlus Corp and KT Corp from adding new customers or replacing the old customers’ phone for different periods… Read More »

Apple and Comcast Hold Talks to Modernize TV Viewing


Apple is currently holding talks with the US Internet and cable giant Comcast about the service that would allow television streaming using a set top box from Apple, say reports. Talks being conducted are at the initial stages but at the end of the deal, it is sure that Apple would enjoy a special treatment from Comcast cables to make… Read More »