SmartHalo security and navigation gadget launched for bikes


A new accessory SmartHalo has been creating waves by offering bicycle users the opportunity to have an all in one gadget that takes care of security, navigation and fitness needs in a compact form factor. The SmartHalo comes with a navigation unit that allows users to get directions without having to get down from their bicycles and all kinds of… Read More »

ViW Camera Attachment Will Take Your Selfies To The Next Level

ViW Camera

Selfies are all the rage and everyone from handset makers to third party OEMs have taken advantage of the trend. From high resolution from front cameras to extra wide apertures, and even selfie sticks – they have all been the rage. A Swedish design firm is attempting to cash in on the craze and have launched an intuitive gadget, the… Read More »

Google Launches OnHub Smart Router

OnHub Smart Router

With nearly every product getting the ‘smart’ tag on their names, it’s about time that routers became smart as well. Google has launched the OnHub router that is aimed at homes that are connected all the time. The OnHub is a result of a partnership between Google and TP-Link. The router is meant for providing fast and secure connectivity and… Read More »

New Apple TV set for launch

Apple TV set

A new version of Apple TV is going to be unveiled in September along with the latest gen iPhone and iPad. The new version of the Apple TV is going to be much smaller than the previous-gen model and it is expected to cost just $69. Just like Apple’s other products, the Apple TV too will be launched with the… Read More »

Hackers utilize insurance gadget for remotely controlling Corvette

Chevrolet Corvette

Automobile hackers are at work again and on this occasion it stopped a Chevrolet Corvette that was on the move. A dongle from Metromile was fitted in this vehicle. This dongle that can plug into the OBD2 port of a car to supply a stream of statistics that the company makes use of for charging insurance rates on the basis… Read More »

Bored of your gadgets? Trade them in at Argos


Argos, a retailer has joined forces with WRAP to present an “instantaneous redemption” service intended for old redundant gadgets. This trade-in service is going to be offered in its stores throughout the UK to let the shoppers deal in electrical merchandise for an instant exchange. WRAP did help Argos to initiate the proposal in all 788 establishments of retailers subsequent… Read More »

Has Technology started to affect your Health badly? Here are some Gadget Habits that you should avoid

Technology started to affect your Health badly

Nowadays escaping technology is almost impossible as digital leisure is everywhere. Nevertheless your preferred gadgets can affect your health badly. The fact is that you might mistakenly have more than a few terrible tech habits that can be the cause of bad sleep patterns, eye problems and bad posture. In the section below we discuss some electronic habits that you… Read More »

10 Steps to a Kickass Project Kickoff: A Checklist for Project Managers

Steps to a Kickass Project Kickoff

Contracts have been signed, hands shaken, and you’re now officially hired to lead a new project. Get ready to roll up your sleeves — now the real work begins! Successful projects start with a great kickoff meeting. Setting the right tone from the get-go can make or break your project, so hit a home run by following our 10-step project kickoff… Read More »

Fresh kitchen gadget for making edible beads out of all foods

Imperial Spherificator

It might not be long before you can turn your meal into beads resembling a caviar, or Dippin’ Dots. “Imperial Spherificator,” which is a kitchen widget on Kickstarter, promises to make the method that lets home chefs turn food into tiny edible pearls easier. This gadget, which is presently priced between $115 and $135 on Kickstarter, makes a culinary method… Read More »

‘Makey Makey’ – The gadget that allows users to play with everything

Makey Makey gadget

Those who considered banana to be a simple fruit should consider once more as now it could be their new touchpad. The credit for this goes to Makey Makey, which is gizmo, of the size of a keychain and capable of turning everyday items into touch buttons. The unusual gadget can plug into a PC USB port via its cable… Read More »