Microsoft launches first ever Surface Laptop

Microsoft launches first ever Surface Laptop

Microsoft has long been known for promoting its Surface line of tablets. Yesterday, the tech giant launched their new Surface laptop, making it the first ever Microsoft notebook based device. While the previous gen Surface devices were marketed as tablets despite having keyboards that came as accessories. The new Surface Book is a 13.5” laptop that weighs less than 3.5… Read More »

Roku 4 is an extraordinary entertainment package

Roku 4

A new device which is launched by Roku, is named as Roku 4. The specialty of this new device is to deliver 4k video. This is the first device which has a remote control facility and moreover it can be handled by its mobile app too. The market price of this device is $129.99. This is the most costly device… Read More »

Apple is being more interesting with HomeKit device

Apple’s HomeKit

A new gadget has come with an extra ordinary capability of giving data about current temperature and many more about your home. This new gadget is named as Eve Weather. It is a product which is produced from Engato. This new gadget is white and as little as three by three inch. It is a sensor part which is integrated… Read More »

Nexus now to compete Apple iPhone’s globally

Nexus now to compete Apple iPhone's globally

Google CEO Sunder Pichai is all set to take on Tim Cook, the CEO of the Apple Inc. while the iPhones have been introduced into the market for gathering new age client base, the Nexus phone is all set to compete heavily with the former. The Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X have been launched on Tuesday to be the first… Read More »

A few updates made to the Inspector gadget

iPhone 6S Plus is a phablet version

From the regular technology reviews which have gathered up, there have been a few updates in the inspector gadget for the iPhone 6S. The experts have said that though it may look similar outside to that of the 6Plus, but if one takes a closer look at it, one would find that there have been quite some enhancements. This iPhone… Read More »

What is a Gantt Chart for Project Management?

What is a Gantt Chart for Project Management

Infographic brought to you by Wrike – Online Free Gantt Chart

How Recruitment Marketing Helps in Talent Acquisition

Recruitment Marketing

It was in the bygone era when job seekers thronged at the gates of potential employers. With the advent of the web world and the democratization that it has brought along, the fulcrum in the job market has tilted towards the best candidates. Recruiting the right guys doesn’t mean tossing a job requisition in the air and waiting for the… Read More »

Benefits of Using the Right Contact Management Software

Contact Management Software

Your business is in its expansion stage and there you are with the push and pull for which of the technologies should you go with and which ones to ditch. We bet, you are sure to be in a quandary over using contact management tools? Now, question yourself – what can contact management do for my business rather than –… Read More »

New Royal Gadget DLC for Xbox users!

New Royal Gadget DLC for Xbox users

From the reports which we have gathered- people who are owners of a puzzle plat forming Chariot on the Xbox One they will get the benefit of enjoying the New Royal Gadget DLC. There is said to be the inclusion of five new tools to the games prevailing repertoire and also enables them to plat as the Royal Shopkeeper. The… Read More »

Apple iPhone 7 to release sooner than you expect

Apple iPhone 7

While China is getting hit by the growing demand for the iPhone 6s, the world is looking for5ward to the next move buy Apple Inc. recently, it has been focused clearly that the young generation residing in the Chinese republic are becoming so much desperate that they are willing to sell their semen for getting hold of their dream smart… Read More »