Mojio’s Car Gadget To User Telus AT&T And Networks For Connecting To Your Smartphone

Mojio's Car Gadget

Mojio is looking forward to connecting your independent car with a little help from Telus and AT&T. The startup, based in Vancouver, declared that its module, which hooks up to the diagnostics port of an automobile, is going to be up for sale by the closing stages of the year in Canada and the US. This module will make use… Read More »

Lots of Games Accessible Through Sony’s Playstation TV

Sony's Playstation TV

On Monday Sony Computer Entertainment confirmed that practically 700 games are going to be offered for its PlayStation television when it is launched in USA and Canada on the 14th of October. They will consist of trendy and classic franchises like Mercenary, Twisted Metal, Final Fantasy, and Metal Gear Solid. Branded as “PlayStation Vita TV” / “PS Vita TV” in… Read More »

Drivers, Passengers Complain That Uber App Does Not Always Give The Most Favorable Routes

Uber App

There’re lots of things that Uber users like about the service but uncertainty surrounding its navigation process isn’t among them. Following grievances of Uber drivers not knowing the most excellent routes to clients’ destination, this company brought out a fresh in-app direction-finding feature. It lets customers plug in the place they are going to ahead of getting into the car… Read More »

No More of Missing Phone Calls with Sprint’s Most Up-To-Date Gadget

Sprint’s newest gadget

While you did not have to find a corded phone or a cordless handless there possibly have been a lot of occasions when you has missed call searching for your smart phone. Sprint has begun selling a gadget that will do away with this problem. The most up-to-date edition of its Phone Connect residential voice router includes a Bluetooth radio which… Read More »

Airvr – The Gadget That Might Make Virtual Reality a Possibility for Ios Users

Well if you the compare the number of people having an Oculus Rift with those having an iPad Mini or having placed an order for an iPhone 6 Plus having a Retina Display the latter with outnumber the former greatly. This is the calculation that the architects of the AirVR project on Kickstarter website did and made the decision that the… Read More »

Striiv Touch – The Fitness Band with a Difference

Striiv Touch

Fitness bands happen to be the rage these days! The Striiv Touch is among the latest of Fitness bands that has a little more to offer with its slim design and incorporated features. Its lean design is ideal, sufficiently thin for fitting anybody yet not such a lot that it would appear dainty. It moreover offers the time as well as date… Read More »

Lakewood Uncovers Smart Phone App That Lets You Pay For Parking In The Parking Lots Downtown

Lakewood Uncovers Smart Phone App

Drivers who park in a couple of municipal lots do not have to feel for their coins / credit cards at kiosks any more. Lakewood is uniting with added communities, which include Pittsburgh; Toledo, Baltimore; Washington, D.C., and Columbus, in letting drivers pay for the duration for which they will park their vehicles from their mobile phones directly. Parkmobile USA… Read More »

The State-Of-The-Art Gadget for Clearing Breakouts

Gadget for Clearing Breakouts

Just as many of us do, Mindy Kaling also struggles with breakout and has to fight them. However unlike many among us she makes use of a hand-held device worth $250 for keeping them at bay. She made this secret know by posting it on Instagram along with the message which says that @soniakharkar took a snap of her applying a blue… Read More »

Amy Williams The Challenge Girl Of The Gadget Show

Amy Williams

She’s at ease with dashing down icy trails on what seems to be slightly more than a tea tray. Thus for Amy Williams MBE, The Gadget Show that is being hosted by Channel 5 must look as if it is a piece of cake. The Olympic gold medal winner and ex- skeleton bob champ who is aged 32 is going… Read More »

A Telepresence Robot Might Become The Next Indispensable Gadget If The Robotics Startups Can Cut Down On Their Cost

Telepresence Robot

If robotics startups can get it right, the subsequent hardware piece that your company spends on might be a telepresence robot, which is a pedestal-shaped device which will allow you to scoot about a remote workplace for checking in on your colleagues. Robots have already made its way into warehouses, factories, and are also used in vacuuming floors, but they… Read More »