Microsoft HoloLens – the wearable 3D gadget from Microsoft for viewing holograms

Microsoft HoloLens

On Wednesday Microsoft disclosed a holographic lens gadget with which users can see 3D representations of PC-generated images. This gadget named Microsoft HoloLens, does not have any wires and resembles a visor. The HoloLens must be put on top of ones’s eyes as virtual reality headsets are put on. However the time when it would be put on sale remains… Read More »

The gadget that law enforcement authorities are using for Secretly Peeking inside houses


What would ensue if the law enforcement authorities had a device capable of seeing through the wall, right inside a home and they did not bother to inform anyone about this? Though it possibly will sound as if it is coming straight out of a dystopian novel a fresh USA Today report states that no less than 50 law enforcement… Read More »

Sen7 Refillable Fragrance Atomizer – The improved Refillable fragrance atomizer


Those who love using perfume might find it uncomfortable to carry a full 2.5 oz bottle to get-togethers and this is where the Sen7 Refillable Fragrance Atomizer steps into the picture. Refillable fragrance atomizers, which are basically little, spray-y thing that you are able to fill up with your much loved perfume and carry inside your car/ purse/locker, are not… Read More »

Baby on Board – the Voxx gadget meant to prevent deaths of babies in scorching cars

Voxx gadget

A fresh gadget with the intention of preventing deaths of babies due to heat in parked cars is being exhibited at the CES in Las Vegas. The objective of theVoxx Electronics’s alert system is to thwart distracted parents from leaving their kids alone in scorching temperatures. According to statement made by Voxx Electronics head Tom Malone though parents do not… Read More »

CES 2015: Wearables Galore

Wearables Galore

The global Consumer Electronics Show, which is starting in Las Vegas from today, is an enormous carnival of all imaginable gadgets and gizmos, ranging from self-cleaning smart phone monitors to self-driving cars. Even though this event isn’t always a steadfast guide it does tell the industry’s most excellent speculation of what buyers might wish for next. In this year, wearable… Read More »

Student in his 9th standard devises gadget that will help the blind in reading and navigating

help the blind in reading and navigating

Play around with electronic gadgets and observing a toy that actually spoke on a couple of electrodes being joined provided Aditya Bhople, aged 14, the concept of making use of such technologies to do good to those who are visually impaired. He proceeded to make a device that a person can wear and could be of help in translating text… Read More »

The box for the gadget that you’ve just bought – Should you keep it?

Box For Your New Gadget

It has already been established that on procuring a new gadget from a brick-and-mortar shop, you must tear the box open ahead of leaving the place to guarantee that it has the thing which you just paid for. However having brought the new toy and the box it is in back to your home, how long must you keep it?… Read More »

Minute Gadget Would Be Helping You Avoid Office Related Health Problems

This Tiny Gadget

Many Years of doing deskbound office work for long hours and with demanding deadlines are able to take a pretty considerable toll on one’s body. Being seated for over eight hours in a day, for instance, can increase your possibility of developing muscular skeletal ailment. Drooping throughout the day is also able to lead to long-standing illness, which include breathing… Read More »

Fresh Thermal Gadget That Could Enable the Military to Save Billions of Dollars Each Year

Thermal Gadget

A new turnaround on thermal know-how, sponsored by Army and branch of Energy researchers, might modify the way in which tanks and added military platforms use and repurpose gas and enable the military to save billions of dollars each year. Imagine a gadget which can capture the heat from your car’s exhaust and then alter it into functional energy. That’s… Read More »

Thingsee One – The Gadget That Allows You to Formulate Your Personal Internet of Items

Thingsee One

A familiar proverb in the tech planet is that hardware’s hard. Finally, a single coder is able to transport an app, equipped with just a single computer. But a fresh hardware piece must undergo design modifications, materials testing, and manufacturing guidelines ahead of seeing the light of day. That’s why Ville Ylläsjärvi considers Thingsee One, the Internet of Things gadget… Read More »