Sense Monitors and Helps Improve Your Sleep


James Proud, a graduate from the Thiel Fellowship has unveiled the gadget, Sense, which sits by your bedside and keeps an eye on your sleep quality and patterns. The gadget is equipped with sensors of light, motion, humidity, temperature, noise and air quality for understanding your environment. Sense also syncs with a ‘sleep pill’ that remains clipped to your pillowcase… Read More »

GoTenna Helps You Overcome Absence of Cell Service


GoTenna, which is a tiny gadget that presently can be pre ordered, could save you from situations where you are stranded and are not able to communicate over you cell phone. GoTenna acts as your personal cell tower. The way in which this gadget works is that your cell phone hooks up with your goTenna via Bluetooth, which then passes on… Read More »

Vapshot Gadget Makes it Possible to Inhale Alcohol at Home


The vapshot machine is a new version of inhaling alcohol, which is ideal for being used at home. The new machine which has just been released claims of being able to turn any form of alcohol into a vapor which can then be inhaled by using a straw. This vapshot mini machine, costing $700, boasts that it hits you instantaneously…. Read More »

The Spiralizer – The Kitchen Gadget That Makes Grating so Easy

The Spiralizer – The Kitchen Gadget

The spiralizer is the kitchen gadget that has become a house hold name in America because it has the possibility of revolutionizing the way in which vegetables are served. It is easy on the pocket, does not create a mess and can be easily incorporated into meals. In actual fact a spiralizer happens to be a modified grater that fastens… Read More »

Napwrap – A Travel Gadget That You’ll Actually Use


All of us have witnessed a number of truly fantastic travel doohickies which range from pocket-sized humidifiers to two-story armrests to mood-tracking and color-changing happiness blankets. Nevertheless in spite of having a much more simplistic design than all such devices, the Napwrap will beat every fantastic gadget on the marketplace. This is because it makes napping on the road easy… Read More »

Ultra-High-Resolution Flexible Display Using Phase-change Materials


In a study that was published in Nature, scientists depict what may well be the opening steps in the direction of producing a new kind of ultrathin, low-power, superfast, high-resolution, supple color screen. If the unavoidable engineering complexities in carrying a product from a lab to a living room are to be prevailed over, such displays could merge some of… Read More »

The Rise Of The Chief Digital Officer

The Rise Of The Chief Digital Officer

The world of IT, and indeed both the technological and digital sphere, is changing. Camford Management Consultants have produced the following infographic, detailing the increasingly common merging between the roles of CIO and CMO. The organisation, who help businesses devise their technological strategy, are noticing a rise in a relatively new role, the CDO. Here, they have outlined the responsibilities… Read More »

This New Gadget Can Read to the Blind

Finger Reader

A device which is able to read out loud any word that it is pointed at may possibly change the lives of blind or partially-sighted. This gadget, which is an invention of the scientists at MIT, has a design of a ring and can be worn on the finger. On being held above words that are in print on a… Read More »

Bill Gates Helped Invent New Remote Controlled Birth Control Device for Women


In a report by Gwen Kinkead of MIT Technology Review, a new birth control device, which comes with a remote control, is in line for getting tested soon and could be offered as a commercial product by the year of 2018 and that’s not all; the credit for this goes to Bill Gates. This device does away with a longstanding… Read More »

This Myo Armband Makes You Feel Like a Jedi


Following years of fine-tuning, the technology which you can experience being a Jedi — or possibly the character of Tom Cruise in the firm Minority Report — is getting ready for this year. This device, dubbed as Myo is an armband that was actually set to be released last February by Canadian company Thalmic Labs. Thalmic Labs also launched a… Read More »