The Bendy USB Charging Cable – a Welcome New novelty for all Gadget Lovers

Bendy USB Charging Cable

The USB charging cable is an object of adoration for millions of people.  It provides them with life and aids them in doing magnificent things on their incredible, fancy, costly devices. However this wonderful provider of life is able to be so fragile. There have been times when that people have accidentally damaged it. Nevertheless it seems that it isn’t… Read More »’s New Gadget – The Puls Wristband

The Puls Wristband

Smartwatches have begun rolling out from lesser sized companies, and from a number of improbable sources. One such source is Black Eyed Peas since the musician cum entrepreneur has just uncovered the Puls wristband. happens to be somewhat of a techie, and it was today that he finally demonstrated his fresh gadget by way of the Puls Wristband. It’s… Read More »

Prizm – The Gadget Which Plays Music In Accordance With Your Preferences

Prizm Gadget

While the Nest can regulate the temperature, the Prizm can regulate the music in your residence: It finds out your likes and regulates the environment to go well with your requirements. The way in which Prizm works is that you download its app and attach your music accounts, link it up with your preferred speakers, and begin listening to arbitrary music or music… Read More »

At Last, A Way of Charging Your iPhone Battery While On The Move (though you will be required to do some running involve you running)

charge your iPhone battery

The instant your phone battery becomes 2 per cent right in the middle of an afternoon, it makes you panic and brings dread and sadness to you. However, now this may perhaps be something of the past. Yes and you may in fact get rid of that nagging half a stone which has been bugging you as well. A fresh gadget which… Read More »

What’s Bingo Got to Do With Gadgets?

Bingo Got to Do With Gadgets

When you think of the game of bingo, it’s not something that you naturally think of as needing a gadget. However, thousands of bingo players who play in the old traditional way down at the bingo hall would disagree. Every time a bingo playing expert sits down to play a game of bingo, they pull their trusty bingo dabber out… Read More »

A Gadget for Fixing a Bent iPhone 6

A Gadget for Fixing a Bent iPhone 6

The release of iPhone 6 Plus was followed by a scandal after a journalist found out that, application of sufficient pressure in a certain part on the backside of this phone bends the device. On you being among the 9 iPhone 6 Plus owners who has been a victim of this the mending you’ve been screaming for might have come at last. A company… Read More »

Wink – The Gadget That Supports Kindara, The Fertility App

Kindara Fertility App

To get pregnant or to avoid it might turn out to be simpler than you would think by means of a fresh gadget declared on Tuesday from Boulder’s Kindara that already provides an app for helping women in charting their fertility.   Though the Wink has the appearance of a lighter inside there are all kinds of know-how going on. Its has a thermometer, which happens… Read More »

Seek – The Economical Thermal Camera for Your Iphone

Seek Thermal Camera

Though not discussed as frequently as it ought to be smart phones and apps have been able to make stunning steps in making imaging available to the common public. Yeah, you used up 10 minutes capturing stuff in slow motion on an iPhone, but it implies that the great unwashed could mess with it. Likewise, Seek gets a formerly outrageously… Read More »

A Shrimp’s Eye Cancer Detector

Shrimp's Eye Cancer Detector

This week, researchers of United States and overseas examined the profundity of ocean and human body to look for nature-inspired ways out of medical problems. One squad found encouragement in the mantis shrimp’s eyes, while one more curtailed the pain of taking a vaccine by the development of a microneedle – coated pill. Even as human eyes are unable to… Read More »

Mojio’s Car Gadget To User Telus AT&T And Networks For Connecting To Your Smartphone

Mojio's Car Gadget

Mojio is looking forward to connecting your independent car with a little help from Telus and AT&T. The startup, based in Vancouver, declared that its module, which hooks up to the diagnostics port of an automobile, is going to be up for sale by the closing stages of the year in Canada and the US. This module will make use… Read More »