Gadget care during monsoons: the importance of water-resistant pouches

Gadget care during monsoons

Many people who are shocked at the immense price tags of the latest flagships from top companies have often been heard saying “why are you not purchasing gold instead?” However the fact is that tech-instilled gadgets are not anything less than gold to numerous takers prepared shell out half a lakh and more for a gadget. With the increasing popularity… Read More »

A Gadget that is not going to stop stupid and unsafe Drivers Texting

Gadget Won't Stop Idiot Drivers Texting

A new gadget promises to stop driver’s texting while on the road. The technology might be sound, but it won’t make a lick of difference. Instead, people need to be shamed into not being stupidly dangerous. All deaths caused by drivers texting when they ought to be concentrating on the road is a misfortune, definitely. Not one day passes when… Read More »

Tempo Apple timepiece is the decisive ‘Bling Bling’ Gadget that Comes From Finland

Tempo Apple Watch

Legend, which is luxury company of Finland, has initiated the sales of their high-status, custom-made Tempo Apple Watch. This company, based in Helsinki, concentrates on the scheme of bringing the plushest and most elite buyer electronics to the global market. With tech gadgets overflowing the marketplace, this corporation has focused in just one thing and that is luxury electronics that… Read More »

ASUS announced new gadgets at Computex 2015


Computex, Taipei is one of the largest tech events with ASUS taking the center stage almost every year. This year too, the computer manufacturer did not disappoint with a wide range of gadgets that will go on sale soon. The two gadgets that have been announced for immediate release are the Zenpad 8.0 and the updatedZenwatch. The company is also… Read More »

Loads of gadgets at the CE Week show

Loads of gadgets at the CE Week show

For those who are high-tech gadget freaks and living in close proximity to New York City there is perhaps no place better for them than CE Week, which is the greatest largest technology show in the city. Those promoting the show claim that people should think that Fashion Week meets up with technology. Approximately 3,000 people were anticipated to be… Read More »

This landline inspired gadget wants to replace your home phone

Ily smart home phone

Most of us don’t use a landline anymore with only 60% of households having retained their old connections. Most of these old landlines don’t have any advanced functions that are included in modern smartphones. A new startup, Insensei, has been making waves with their new communication device that combines the simplicity of your old landline phone and the functionalities of… Read More »

The most up-to-date smart home widget, Amazon Echo, has been made available to everybody

Amazon Echo

Till now, Amazon Echo had only been available to a special group of key members, even though it had been launched seven months back. In a letter that had been posted on the homepage of Amazon this morning, Jeff Bezos founder and CEO, had written that, going ahead, this device is going to be accessible to everybody. He added that… Read More »

Hackers steal information by the use of gadget inside a scrap of pitta bread

Hackers steal information by the use of gadget inside a scrap of pitta bread

Security researchers of Israel have revealed the way of capturing radio emissions from laptops that accidentally give away facts on the keys. Earlier to this being able to grab the radio signals was believed to require pricey huge equipment. However this team has been able to manage it with low-priced components that are sufficiently small to keep hidden within a… Read More »

Bizarre skateboard gadget that many celebrities have taken to

Bizarre skateboard gadget

A new gadget has arrived in the marketplace and loads of A-list celebrities have gone gaga over it. This gadget is named the PhunkeeDuck and is similar to a Segway coupled with a skateboard / snowboard, while not having handlebars and the associated “lame” stigma. In The Tonight Show that stars Jimmy Fallon Jamie Foxx did show off the PhunkeeDuck… Read More »

Nest redesigns and refines the video gadget it had acquired the year before

video gadget

The associated home company of Google, named Nest, started a new associated video camera named the Nest Cam on Wednesday and this features a glossy, sophisticated design and chic algorithms that permit users to set alerts and perceive odd happenings in the residence. This has a price tag of $199, and is offered for purchase now, with delivery starting the… Read More »