A review of the Yoga 3 Pro laptop from Lenovo

Yoga 3 Pro laptop from Lenovo

Two weeks back an ad of Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro had come out and in this ad besides being compared to the Apple Macbook the latter one was, actually, admonished for being inflexible and minus the touch screen. Further reviews of the Yoga 3 Pro have also found it to be spectacular. It happens to be stylish, weighs light and… Read More »

The Stig scheduled to show up at Gadget Show Live for promoting AlcoDigital breathalyzer test

AlcoDigital breathalyzer test

In a fantastic timing in view of the interest in Top Gear and Jeremy Clarkson currently, Ben Collins, also acknowledged as The Stig, is scheduled to show up at the Gadget Show Live to be held at the NEC on the 7th of April this year. The show is going to see breathalyzer corporation AlcoDigital & Collins initiate the greatest… Read More »

Inventor hopeful that his gadget will save valuable time of farmers in the field


Ethan Eck still remembers the process of unloading farming chemicals into a farm sprayer to be somewhat painful. Eck, who is aged 23, is the originator of the Chem-blade, which is a gadget, made from stainless steel having blades that can fit inside a plastic induction tank utilized for mixing up pricey farm chemicals like herbicides and pesticides for farm… Read More »

Myths About Project Management Busted By Hard Facts (Infographic)


Project management is the use of knowledge, skills, methods, tools and technologies for the implementation of the project in order to meet or exceed the expectations of the participants. Difficulties arise almost always because in real life it is rarely possible to realistically plan a special activity or to perform work as planned. Project management software is a special software… Read More »

Huawei gets all the right things with its Honor 4X

Huawei Honor 4X

Following two thriving products in the year before, Huawei has made an impression again with a couple of fresh devices, namely, budget Honor 4X as well as a fresh premium gadget, the Honor 6 plus by launching them in India on Tuesday. The smart phone with a dual-sim makes use of Qualcomm MSM 8916 processor of1.2GHz and 64-bit along with… Read More »

Kitchen gadget- Whisks 101

Kitchen gadget- Whisks 101

A whisk happens to be among those obligatory tools inside a kitchen, as straightforward as it may well appear and basically being not anything more than lengthy circled wires attached at the ending with a grip. Occasionally referred to as a whip, whisks can be found in different shapes as well as sizes to deal with the kitchen job to… Read More »

Dart for Autofilling and Customizing Emails on iWatches


If you find it tough to reply to emails properly, then perhaps you require a solution such as Dart. Those planning getting emails through a smart watch or any miniature cell phone gadget sometimes in the near future are likely to require Dart. This app lets you construct numerous diverse pre-made emails and employ them to speedily answer messages you… Read More »

Exhale – A gadget intended to measure your alcohol level and do a lot more


A fresh gadget was fashioned by a panel of Romanian students and is named “Exhale Alcooltest”. Ahead of considering this to be a standard alcohol level test, one must recognize that it is really a spontaneous gadget which does not merely inform you when your levels of alcohol are higher than what is allowed by the law but it is… Read More »

NomadClip – the carabiner that is also capable of charging your gadget


In the event of you being the sort of person who is fond of having a carabiner snipped to your belt/ bag and who likes the sound of jiggling of keys / anything fastened to it you would be welcoming an added purpose to this already functional accessory. NomadClip does not simply hold your keys but is also able to… Read More »

Gadget addicts likely to experience visual fatigue

Gadget addicts likely to experience visual fatigue

Lots of young person in Bangalore have been reporting indications of visual tiredness — which consist of itching, burning, and exhaustion in eyes, coming with headache. Images that are Pixelated and shining lighting on the screens of the gadgets are the cause of the youth suffering from visual exhaustion — a sense of tiredness from doing a visual task. According… Read More »