Fresh kitchen gadget for making edible beads out of all foods

Imperial Spherificator

It might not be long before you can turn your meal into beads resembling a caviar, or Dippin’ Dots. “Imperial Spherificator,” which is a kitchen widget on Kickstarter, promises to make the method that lets home chefs turn food into tiny edible pearls easier. This gadget, which is presently priced between $115 and $135 on Kickstarter, makes a culinary method… Read More »

‘Makey Makey’ – The gadget that allows users to play with everything

Makey Makey gadget

Those who considered banana to be a simple fruit should consider once more as now it could be their new touchpad. The credit for this goes to Makey Makey, which is gizmo, of the size of a keychain and capable of turning everyday items into touch buttons. The unusual gadget can plug into a PC USB port via its cable… Read More »

DroPrinter – the smart phone printer that could turn into your new preferred gadget


DroPrinter is basically a portable printer designed for smartphones using economical, thermal paper for printing pictures while not using ink. It hooks up with your phone through Bluetooth, and this means that you have the option of taking snaps and receiving a corporeal copy of these almost instantaneously. Neverthless there is more to droPrinter than simply printing photos. In an… Read More »

Waste-handling gadget use service launched by Argos

Waste-handling gadget

Beginning from today itself presently shoppers have the option of carrying their old cell phones as well as tablets into all Argos stores and trade them for Argos gift cards. In the intervening time, the old widget is going to be done up and put up for sale again. This initiative, which is the first one of sort from a… Read More »

Panasonic launches 4” quad core smartphone

Panasonic launches 4” quad core smartphone

Panasonic India launched a brand new quad core smartphone T33 with a 4” WVGA display. The compact gadget is designed to serve people who are looking for phones that can be used for communicating in local languages. The new smartphone is another entrant from the T series that aims at destroying language barriers by providing 21 regional languages of India…. Read More »

iblazer will light up your Selfie World


All photographers usually carry their cameras and its accessories. There are many who have been adding fresh accessories to their camera bags, but many are for their iPhones and are really helping out with their DSLR photography. There are photographers who frequently take their audience to places that they photograph, which can be rivers, lakes and even rooftops. The couple… Read More »

Is PhunkeeDuck The upcoming Tech development In Mobile moving?

PhunkeeDuck Tech development

PhunkeeDuck wishes being the next stride in the development of transportation. This is a company based in New York that is developing money business enterprise that had been able to gain a great deal of attention ever since the month of April in 2015. However what’s this thing? It basically is a self-balancing, two-wheeled, chic electric scooter that has become… Read More »

The In-flight ‘Air Hook’ device is here and you do not have to put down the tray table any more to gain leg space

Air Hook gadget

All of us have experienced the uneasiness of laying down the tray table while flying only to see that the legroom has got reduced to nearly nil. Well, credit goes to this revolutionary fresh gadget that in future flights there is no need for pulling down the table in any way. The Air Hook is essentially an all-in-one electronic device… Read More »

Giddy gazers of Google Glass, be careful! FCC filings make view on fresh gadget unclear

Giddy gazers of Google Glass

Google has stayed quiet while persisting on with a fresh Bluetooth-enabled item having the not-so-discreet ID tag, A4R-GG1. The “GG” part of this name might pick out a redrafted edition of Google Glass, which was noted by Droid Life blog at first. Particulars of the baffling gadget were made public in the FCC filings that had been printed on the… Read More »

Gadget care during monsoons: the importance of water-resistant pouches

Gadget care during monsoons

Many people who are shocked at the immense price tags of the latest flagships from top companies have often been heard saying “why are you not purchasing gold instead?” However the fact is that tech-instilled gadgets are not anything less than gold to numerous takers prepared shell out half a lakh and more for a gadget. With the increasing popularity… Read More »