BlackBerry Launches New BB10 Handset

Canadian telecommunications giant Research in Motion has freshly unveiled ‘Dev Alpha B’ – a new prototype for its upcoming BlackBerry 10 handset, that is ready to be released early 2013.

The new handset offers a streamlined user experience and strong enterprise security and privacy options for the users but it does not include working phone software. However it includes updates of existing Dev Alpha device distributed previously to the developers.

BlackBerry BB10 Handset

The new prototype allows the developers to access more of BlackBerry 10’s core features – an improved camera, calendar, contacts, browser, BlackBerry Messenger and App World.

The keyboards of the new device will support multiple languages and further allow the users to write a single sentence in multiple languages.

The company said that the BB10 devices launching next year, will run on a new operating system. RIM further added that the OS will offer a faster and smoother user interface together with a better platform for apps.