Akai Launches New Android-based Smart Box for TVs

Japanese consumer electronics giant Akai has recently launched a Smart Box that enables users to surf the Internet on their Televisions. The new Akai Smart Box allows users to transform any television – CRT, Plasma, LCD or LED – into a smart TV. It is priced at US $ 134.76.

The new Akai Smart Box has Android 2.3 as its OS on an ARM A8 chip. It comes with 4GB of storage for apps and other stuff. Another unique feature of the Smart Box is that it comes with a wireless mouse instead of a remote and the company claims that the users will find it handy when they are using it to access the Internet.

Akai Launches New Android-based Smart Box for TVs

The Smart Box acts really smart by maintaining an open network that offers seamless connectivity without even getting restricted to the servers of smart TV brands, as is the case with most of most smart TVs.

Another one of its unique features is that the Smart Box allows almost all apps on the Google Play Store to be downloaded and run on it. Likewise, it supports most of the video and picture formats. It acts as a wireless hotspot for as many as five devices and comes with Wi-Fi and LAN. It also has 3G or 2G dongle and is compatible with wireless keyboards and webcams.

Further, the Smart Box has four USB ports, an AV port and an HDMI port for Full HD video playback. It is also equipped with SD/MMC card slot ensuing support for up to 32 GB and also has headphone and mic jacks.