A new multi-purpose polycarbonate case has been released for iPhones. Being made of polycarbonate, the iPhone covers leaves no doubt for its sturdiness and protection-quotient. However, it is innovatively designed to function also as a small wallet that can contain credit cards and similar slim objects.

iPhones stand for innovation and vendors who develop its accessories usually make sure that their products are different in some or the other way too. The iPhone 5 polycarbonate cover that is the concern here distinguishes itself by being a wallet at the same time. In fact, it is named Polycarbonate Wallet and costs $34.95. As said, polycarbonate provides the protection to the phone from scratches and blows.

Polycarbonate Wallet for iPhone 5

The case has hinged back that opens up to fit cards, receipts, etc. It can be very handy for the most important things, especially in case of stolen wallet. The compartment snap-shuts securely and features an integrated mirror inside, which could be yet another utility for some.

The door can also be used as a stand for the iPhone 5 for watching movies, games, etc. The exterior of the cover has rubberised coating, which ensures adequate grip unless the user’s hands run streams of sweat.