Service Manual of LG-V510 Leaked

Recently, a device passed the Bluetooth SIG certification sparking rumors of next generation of Nexus tablet or LG Smartphone. This model number of this device is LG-V510 and it comes with a screen size of 8.3-inches.

The specifications of the rumored device suggest that it could be another version of LG G Pad. The rumors have been doing the rounds for few weeks and the news surrounding the device show that the model number of this device is V500.


Some of the specifications of the device include an 8.3 inch display with 1920×1200 pixels. It has a 2 GB RAM with 4,600 mAH battery. The front camera would be 1.3MP while its rear camera would be 5MP. The device would measure 216.8×126.5×8.3 mm.

All these specifications are already present in the LG G Pad 8.3 and this device only differs with the G Pad in terms of weight. The G Pad weighs 338g while this device would be weighing 349.38g.

The leaked manual did not show any signs of a Nexus version but there are high chances of this being the latest version of LG G Pad. Gadget enthusiasts still need to wait as the device seems to be in the starting phase.