Airtame Wireless HDMI Dongle Allows Wireless Streaming Onto Different Devices

Finally a dongle has arrived that will allow users to wirelessly send audio and video to nearly all types of devices with the help of HDMI port without even an Internet connection.

Airtame, which has been created by some Danish folks and acts as an HDMI dongle, allows users of PC (any OS system like Windows, Linux or OS X) to connect to different displays over Wi-Fi.


The dongle works with the help of open source software which the users are required to install in their PCs. The installation process is quite easy and happens pretty quickly without any trouble. The users can then select the dongles for beaming the audios and videos. It is possible for the users to beam to multiple screens with one PC. The best part is that the response time is amazingly good on remote display.

The users have the freedom to display their entire desktop including all the features which was not available earlier. The software has also been optimized so that it can also work on older devices. Those who are interested can pre-order the dongle at a price of $ 89 with only nine days left.