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Anti-Theft Technologies Used by Casinos

Casinos do big business, and it only stands to reason that they safeguard their interests and investments with the best anti-theft technology money can buy. Movies like Ocean’s 11 may portray gaming establishments as strongholds that can be broken into with the right counter-technologies, airtight strategizing, and maybe just a little touch of deus ex machina. The reality, though, is that it isn’t quite as easy as George Clooney and pals make it out to be, and here’s why:

1. Before the perpetrators can even enter the front doors of the casino, cameras with license plate recognition programs isolate the borders of their car plates, and then translate the numbers and letters on captured photos into text the computer can read. The programs then match the plate numbers to a database of cars of known offenders; and even stolen vehicles.

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2. In case the wannabe Danny Oceans didn’t bring their limos and luxury cars with them, the cameras inside casinos also have biometric facial recognition. Like more advanced versions of the facial recognition tech in digital cameras, these programs detect the faces of patrons and, as with the license plate readers, match the faces with stored pics in a huge database.

3. Let’s say that the criminal-to-be somehow found a way to make the Mission: Impossible series’ trademark “facemaker” a real thing. He would still have to be careful lest he be singled out by TableEye21, a unique computer program that tracks a huge variety of trend reports, such as how long a player has been playing at a certain table, how often a particular card has shown up in a player’s hand, and even the length of time any given player and dealer have been at the same table.

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4. Taking things further, TableEye21 works in tandem with a program called Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness, or NORA. What the program does is it takes the data gathered by TableEye21, and then matches those with a huge collection of stored records. What makes NORA special is that it examines every possible angle (hence the “non-obvious” part), including out-there associations like whether this player went to the same school with that player, whether this dealer once shared the same address with that player, and so on.

5. Online casinos are slowly but surely replacing brick-and-mortar establishments in terms of patronage, due to the more widespread nature of the Internet. Profit figures aside, this is further demonstrated by the recent partnership of Trump Plaza with online casino provider Betfair. To that end, some technologies that cater to the protection of online gaming sites are also starting to emerge, like Iovation’s ReputationManager 360. In a nutshell, the program pays close attention to IP addresses, proxy server hacks and all. It then matches the addresses to a huge list that continually updates everyday the more cyber-thefts are detected.

The gambling industry is a business that obviously requires a lot of money circulating around; and needless to say, a gaming establishment can’t thrive if the foundation of its business gets taken away. With these programs keeping things in check, though, these casinos can rest assured that operations can go on for as long as the computer systems are in place.