Hyundai Blue Link 2 Runs Custom Android, Connects with Verizon

The Genesis sedan to be launched by Hyundai during the later part of this spring is expected to be available with Blue Link Tech from the company.

The Blue Link assists with media management, remote tech and voice navigation. This will allow users to unlock their cars remotely, navigate to specific locations, search for general terms and make use of various other functionalities.


The credit for all these functionalities goes to cell-signal offered by Verizon which isn’t available with first generation of Blue Link.

Hyundai has already become part of big Google news and the company is fully exploring the possibilities of Android implementation in their vehicles. A representative from the company has also stated that the company is also exploring the implementation of iOS but, full details of this news is not available at this point of time.

Blue Link 2 certainly proves to be extremely efficient with its functionalities. It can pick up on voice commands quite easily and even connect wirelessly with Google Places without facing any sort of problem.

However, the cost of navigation is $ 100 every year whereas another $ 100 needs to be paid yearly for remote services.