EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

How to Recover Deleted Files

We all have accidentally hit the delete button at some point of time and have wondered how to get back that file or folder, or even partitions that are much needed. There are also times when files are corrupted due to software bugs or when the system is crashed all of a sudden not giving you enough time to respond. Whatever might be the reason, recovering deleted files can be a daunting task for many. But not with the right data recovery software that lets you quickly get back the files that you just deleted rather unknowingly.

While most of recovery tools, backup and restore programs and undelete programs only strictly stick to your computer and are not accessible when it comes to external devices such as USB drives, music players etc, EaseUS data recovery and other programs such as restoration project management helps you in solving all your data problems as it can recover not only deleted files from your hard disk but also inaccessible, formatted and partition lost data from many external devices including mobile phones, digital cameras, memory cards and external hard disk.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

How does it work?

EaseUS data recovery recovers the deleted files section-by-section which is very important with the lost partition files. Additionally, it also helps you see any lost data that is beyond its specific recovery limit.

While the free version helps you save some bucks while recovering your inaccessible data, emails and more from your storage devices, it is restricted by its 2GB data recovery limit. However, the Data Recovery Wizard Pro, Data Recovery Wizard Technician and Data Recovery Wizard Pro with Bootable Media are the paid versions of the product that let you recover as much data as you want for very less when compared with most of the other programs. They are also available for a Free Trial to see which one better suits your needs.

Why choose EaseUS?

EaseUS software is available in three different customized modes that help in recovering the deleted files with their original names and paths from many devices and also recover files that were formatted or lost due to virus attack or lost partition.

It is available for free and in paid versions for Windows, MAC and iOS which means that you never need to worry what OS you are using.

It also helps the users to select the preferred recovery mode and scan and preview the files to be recovered.

Know how you can prevent loss of files in future

Even if unknowingly any files, folders or partitions are deleted, they are available in the Recycle Bin and can be recovered or restored with a single click. Now, these files are still available in your PC, until they are overwritten, even though they are removed from the PC listing when the Recycle Bin is cleared. The faster you act, the more are the chances of recovering them.

Always make it a habit to regularly back up all your important data to either cloud storage or to an external drive.

Get good antivirus software and be ensured that your computer is protected all the time and no malware wipes out your important data.

Ensure that regular PC maintenance is performed and that all the drives are in good condition to avoid crashes.