Samsung S4 S-View Wireless Charging Flip Cover at $69.99

A month ago Samsung started the process of launching the Wireless Charging S-View Flip Cover for its Galaxy Note 3. This initiative was started through its online store which gave the owners of the phablet with an option for added protection besides an extra functionality.

From this month onwards Samsung has started selling similar cases for the Galaxy S4 too.


As suggested by its name the Galaxy S4 S-View Wireless Battery Cover enables the handset to be charged wirelessly while used with the Qi-Compatible charger. It could be the Samsung Wireless Charging Pad, LG WCP-300 or the Nokia DT-900.

While checking the case from its front, it offers the S-View window which displays information such as date and time, alarms, music playlists, new messages, etc. The case is also intelligent in its functionality as it automatically wakes the Galaxy S4 when opened.

The company has priced the new S-View Wireless Battery Cover at just $69.99 which is available in two colour options i.e. Black and White. Although it might not sound to be cheap by any means, the added functionality certainly makes it a good investment. One may check out the variants available on the website by visiting the link here.