FLIR One Infrared iPhone Case Lets You See in Darkness

There was a time when thermal-imaging enthusiasts required walking about with goggles fastened to their faces to trace something in the darkness.

However those days of darkness are over and the credit for goes to the FLIR One – A new iPhone 5/5s case which is characterized by a couple of adjacent cameras on its rear, one infrared and one VGA that add somewhat more detail to the heat-mapped image.


This case moreover comes fitted with a battery, a unit of 1400mAh that can power things for two hours. Though this won’t be charging your iPhone, it does stop the case from draining the iPhone of its charge.

You make use of the case via a complimentary app for scanning things for their thermal characteristics and capturing those images if you would like to – this app includes a number of filters, panorama and time-lapse modes, and video-documenting capabilities in case your prime interest is in its imaging abilities.

However its major objective is practicality. As said by FLIR, the thermal-imaging capabilities of this case are able to help locate the spot of pipe clogs, make out leaks before they are able to damage walls and wood, locate feeble spots in the insulation of your home, see whether raccoons are hiding themselves in your bushes and ensure that your pet is still living. This appears like an ideal case for camping.