When Hoverboards, / swegways had been first introduced their popularity shot up across the world. Of late, they have been almost exploding in the UK. Officials in UK have informed buyers to exercise caution when purchasing a low-priced hover board, as it has the possibility of blowing up. This alert comes in the wake of a number of instances of hover boards, which came with devious plugs and vague guidelines, caught fire.

In view of the fact that the price such gadgets range between $400 and $900, buyers have been going for more economical models, having an average of roughly $150, from the sites hosting auctions and social media accounts.

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According to James Whiddett, operations administrator with KCC Trading Standards he has witnessed low-priced hoverboards unexpectedly catch fire. He says that such devices consist of batteries inside that can get overheated and burst into flames and that they have already witnessed such incidents in the county. In this year at least three such incidents have taken place and most of these have happened in the past small number of months. In the month of October, the Metropolitan law enforcement issued a warning that people making use of this device in the open in the city of London are violating the law. New York has also formally prohibited ‘hoverboards’.