With 2015 at its last stages the time has arrived for Pocket-lint to award the games and gadgets that have added to the uniqueness of the past 12 months. Furthermore, those that have gone up to the top are not just those that Pocket-lint favors. The group of industry judges of Pocket-lint, additional peers and the readers of Pocket-lint all had an opinion in picking the finest of the finest.

EE Pocket-lint Gadget

Coroneted at a glamorous event held in London, all who came out winners are the finest in their class, whether they are tablet, phone, camera, videogame, or some other thing. And this year’s competition was a heated one and yielded several of the most competitive results till date and this is an evidence of what a grand year this had been for technology.

Everyone who ended up as runners-up merits consideration as well since all of them were given big assessments on Pocket-lint when they had been put through their paces inside the test labs of Pocket-lint originally. Certainly, your opinion on some results might differ, but the thing that makes EE Pocket-lint Gadget rewards unique is that everyone votes for them and the voices of the greater part of the voters are taken note of.