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M50x headphone is among the finest gadgets available this season

M50x headphone

The time has arrived when one should consider holiday shopping seriously.

Trying to settle on the faultless tablet, laptop, / tech accessory could a rather overwhelming task. Manufacturers let loose heaps of gadgets year after year, and thus you have to glance through each and every single one for finding the finest fit and this can be rather painful.

M50x headphone

The holiday souvenir guide that we offer is beset with first-rate ideas for everyone, whether the person is attempting to come across a fresh laptop for his/her son daughter who is about to commence his/her college education, a number of fresh cases as well as accessories for using for storing stockings, or the finest entertainment appliances to add zing to the living room of yours.

This list contains 66 gadgets and among them is the M50x headphone, which is a product of Audio-Technica and are the finest headphones that you can get for less than $200. Though being entry-level audiophile headsets the M50x headsets have ac stylishness to them. This has already built up a fan base due to its great sound clarity and clear-cut bass. This is a studio headphone of a these professional grade that is definitely going to make your much loved tunes sound even better.

Apple delays watch OS due to bug problem

Apple delays watch OS

From the reports which have been gathered from the Apple Inc. it seems that that the first prime software update for the Apple watch has been delayed. On asking the reason, it was found that there was a bug found in the operating system and that the experts couldn’t fix it in time before the releasing date. The first new watch software would be accessible soon as per spoken by the Apple Spokeswomen Amy Bessette. However she did not specify any time span.

Apple delays watch OS

Further reports say that- Mrs. Bessette declined to comment on the actual reason for the problem and just said that it was going to take a bit longer to sort it out. Apple watch is considered to be the first new hardware product ever since iPAD 2010 and proved to be an important part for Tim Cook’s new area growth strategy. The watch’s software update was referred to as watch OS2 was considered to be an important release for the Apple family as it would enable more applications from the outside developers to function on the device. Plus it would also give customers some additional tools to select when they buy the gadget.

One will have to wait and watch how long it takes for the Apple family to sort out the problem.

Break free with the new JBL Xtreme speakers

JBL Xtreme speakers

Music is very popular among people across the globe. To add to the experience of those unlimited music lovers, JBL has come forward once again with heir innovation in terms of speakers. While JBL has been a trusted brand, which has been developing high quality speakers and other music systems over the years are very likely to launch their new discovery, i.e. JBL Xtreme on 27th September.

JBL Xtreme speakers

Xtreme is one of the high tech wireless speakers that can be attached to your music system through Bluetooth connectivity. The manufacturing company have been trying hard to communicate with customers in an effective manner to spread information regarding their latest venture. As per the official marketers from JBL, the Xtreme is a portable speaker that can be carried easily to any place and its sleek design allows it to get into a luggage bag without any hesitation. On the other hand, the overall weight of the item does not exceed 5 pounds, which is quite a lucrative feature.

When it comes to the musical experience, these speakers can take away most of the spot light in the market. Not is its bass is powerful, but the sound doesn’t get distorted even when heard on the highest volume.

LG launches SmartThinQ for home appliance control

LG launches SmartThinQ

LG has been on a product launching spree and the new SmartThinQ is one of LG’s latest offerings. The small device will allow you to connect with all of your home appliances and control them using a mobile app. The SmartThinQ is a part of LG’s large catalog of products that are aimed at creating smart homes. The device functions by sensing vibrations and temperatures whenever it is attached to devices and they send readings directly to your smartphone through the companion app.

LG launches SmartThinQ

LG displayed the possibilities of the device by attaching it to a washing machine. The device will automatically sense your washing cycles and let you know when you can take your clothes out. The sensor can also be attached to refrigerators and it will be able to sense any food that is about to expire. Further details on the product have not been announced yet and a comprehensive walkthrough of the product will be conducted by LG in Berlin next month at the time of launch. We are yet to know how the device will behave with appliances like microwave ovens and air conditioners. However, LG did announce that the device can work with non LG appliances as well.

The first powered Squeegee by Black and Decker

Squeegee by Black and Decker

As per the reports which have been gathered from Black and Decker authorities, it is final that they are going to introduce an all new Powered Squeegee Vac, which would enable one to easily clean mirrors, glass, windows and other smooth surfaces. The device sprays cleaner or water on these smooth surfaces and also vacuums the left over liquid making the surface shiny clean without going through a roll of paper towels.

Squeegee by Black and Decker

This vacuum comprises of a lithium ion battery and can be used both indoor as well as outdoors. The battery has the ability to last for about 25 minutes. In fact regarding this, there are some experts who have said that the though this may not be much but the units’ 11 inch rotational cleaning head accompanied with microfiber scrubbing pads and that is what caught their real attention.

The manufactures also boast that their unit will make quick work on pollen covered car vehicle windows. The users would find this unit at Home Depot, Ace Hardware of for that matter any given Black and Decker retail outlet- as revealed by sources. So those who want to know about this cool unit, just visit the Black and Decker website

Google Launches OnHub Smart Router

OnHub Smart Router

With nearly every product getting the ‘smart’ tag on their names, it’s about time that routers became smart as well. Google has launched the OnHub router that is aimed at homes that are connected all the time.

The OnHub is a result of a partnership between Google and TP-Link. The router is meant for providing fast and secure connectivity and a completely easy setup process.

OnHub Smart Router

Unlike standard routers that are flat in nature the OnHub is cylindrical in nature. It’s reminiscent of the Amazon Echo assistant. Instead of having to go through all kinds of cryptic settings on your browser you can simply use a smartphone companion app that can be installed on all smartphones across major software platforms for setting up and controlling your router.

Apart from the standard set of controls on the app you can also control the bandwidth usage and monitor all the data that have access to all kinds of network diagnostics features. The OnHub router has gone on pre-order in the Google Store, Amazon and Walmart for $200. The launch is limited to the US only as now and the product will see a global launch in subsequent months.

Microsoft announces Xbox 360 Wireless gaming receiver

Microsoft announces Xbox 360

Microsoft announced a 25$ dongle that allows you to play Windows PC games with your current controllers that you already own and they also have support for Xbox One gamepads. The dongle will go on sale in fall.It makes the Xbox one gamepads extremely versatile and all you need is a USB cable that is long enough to be used with a gamepad.

Microsoft announces Xbox 360 Wireless gaming receiver

The key advantages of using the Xbox One gamepad on your PC with the Xbox 360 wireless gaming receiver are many. The trigger response of the gamepad is superior to any PC offering on the market. It also makes streaming PC games to the Xbox viable, allowing you to play all games on your PC just like you would on your Xbox. Microsoft also announced a package that includes the Xbox controller and the dongle for 80$. The dongle includes a built in headphone jack so you can easily listen to the audio through any wired headset that you own.

With Microsoft introducing a 1TB version of the Xbox One and a permanent price drop on the 500GB version to $350, the gaming receiver turns the Xbox One into an even more compelling purchase with these additional features that make gaming even more fun.

Batteriser – A gadget worth $2.50 with the capacity of lengthening life of disposable batteries to 800%


Disposable alkaline batteries can be termed a staple of contemporary life. On doing a fast count you’ll find that between every remote, flashlight, game controllers, & wireless PC peripherals it is likely that you are using no less than a dozen of these any point of time. The sad part is that you are almost certainly not being able to get all the juice you had paid for. Though a regular AA battery has a rating of 1.5 volts, following use for sometime the output dips lower than 1.35 volts rendering it of no use for lots of electronic devices. Though the guts of the cell are still performing their chemical magic and churning out electricity the circuitry of numerous gadgets necessitates a definite voltage. This the output having dropped lower than a definite level, the appliance will stop functioning. On many occasions, the “dead” batteries that are disposed still have as much as 80% of their energy stored inside.


A fresh gadget named Batteriser intends to put this problem to rest. Designed by Bob Roohparvar, who is an electrical engineer, this lean metallic sleeve is really a mega-minimal voltage enhancer with the capability of lengthening life to an asserted 800 percent% for all disposable batteries, ranging from AAA to D.

Voltage boosters, though having been around for a fair amount of time, were not all that small / compact. Batteriser, however, is so slender that even on clipping it to a battery it will fit within the gadget that you are powering. And it is entirely reusable.

Printers Types of office printers in the market

Konica Minolta A3 printers

The dictionary defines a printer as a machine that is used for printing documents, photographs, etc. The big question is, does your business need a printer? Considering how everything is setup on the Internet nowadays, it makes one wonder what type of office printers are being used in the market.

The printers listed below are some of the common printer types found in offices these days.

Inkjet printers

An inkjet printer will suit you if you print a lot. You can buy inkjet printers that has print-only features or all-in-one inkjet printers that can also copy, scan and fax. Inkjets print documents by spraying ink onto paper and can usually yield prints with a resolution of 300dpi (dots per inch). Some inkjets can print documents as high as 600dpi. This makes them ideal for printing big images and reports.

What most business owners like about inkjet printers is that they are usually affordable, making them an ideal device for businesses that just want to print. Since most offices have computers, you’ll most likely see inkjet printers in the majority of offices.

Laser printers

If you print a lot with fast print speed and don’t need top-quality photo prints, a laser printer will suit you best.Laser printers tend to be quite bulky although there are some smaller ones around. Most lasers print great-looking black text pages and they’re quick to print text; which makes them the best for bulk print production.

Konica Minolta A3 printers

A3 printers

If you need big prints in larger than usual sizes, an A3 printer is the one for you.You can see examples of A3 printers from the range of A3 printers from Konica Minolta on their website to check which one would be best for you. If you’re worried about the printer’s being bulky, no need to worry as there are also all-in-one A3 printer that can also copy, scan and fax, which can definitely save some space. A3 printers are great printers for business who’s into advertising or uses a lot of picture/photos as they tend to have strong photo focus and they’re good for printing small posters.

Wireless printers

Anyone who wants to print from a smartphone or tablet should consider a wireless printer. You can have a wireless printer in one room and print from anywhere in the office. Some Wi-fiprinters now have features that let you print remotely, email prints to the printer or print using Apple’s AirPrint for iPads and iPhones.
All-in-one printers

If you want to be able to print, copy, and scan, this is the printer for you. Also known as multifunction printers, these are the do-it-all machines that can print, copy, scan, and for some models, fax. It saves you space by combining multiple devices into one unit. Both inkjet and laser printers are available as AIO’s; you just need to determine which one suits your need.


TT speakers – the Super-slender Travel Speakers

TT speakers

Visualize that you are lying around at the poolside in the tropical villa of yours. The sole thing that possibly will make this a more ideal moment is a spell of cool electro-pop touching your eardrums in the vein of a balmy sonic draft. Hoe ever this is something that you laptop speakers will not be able to accomplish. And although you are pleased about the lots of “likes” of the beachside selfies of yours, those Facebook notification chime do not complement the beat.

TT speakers

So what is the possible solution? TT speakers, a product of Nyne and exclusively designed for fitting travel might be what you are looking for. Every light weighing unit is a couple of inches in depth and has a weight of a mere couple of pounds. It has a battery that can last 10 hours of melody time provided that they have been completely charged by the use of USB, while its Bluetooth tech will let you hook up to your playlist from a distance of as much as 33 feet. This is also able to make a usable speakerphone while you are on the move and it comes with a kickstand and en suite microphone. Its speakers even have four common charging plugs and this ensures that you will not get stranded without the ideal soundtrack while inside your hotel room.