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FLIR One Infrared iPhone Case Lets You See in Darkness


There was a time when thermal-imaging enthusiasts required walking about with goggles fastened to their faces to trace something in the darkness.

However those days of darkness are over and the credit for goes to the FLIR One – A new iPhone 5/5s case which is characterized by a couple of adjacent cameras on its rear, one infrared and one VGA that add somewhat more detail to the heat-mapped image.


This case moreover comes fitted with a battery, a unit of 1400mAh that can power things for two hours. Though this won’t be charging your iPhone, it does stop the case from draining the iPhone of its charge.

You make use of the case via a complimentary app for scanning things for their thermal characteristics and capturing those images if you would like to – this app includes a number of filters, panorama and time-lapse modes, and video-documenting capabilities in case your prime interest is in its imaging abilities.

However its major objective is practicality. As said by FLIR, the thermal-imaging capabilities of this case are able to help locate the spot of pipe clogs, make out leaks before they are able to damage walls and wood, locate feeble spots in the insulation of your home, see whether raccoons are hiding themselves in your bushes and ensure that your pet is still living. This appears like an ideal case for camping.

Polycarbonate Wallet for iPhone 5

Polycarbonate Wallet for iPhone 5

A new multi-purpose polycarbonate case has been released for iPhones. Being made of polycarbonate, the iPhone covers leaves no doubt for its sturdiness and protection-quotient. However, it is innovatively designed to function also as a small wallet that can contain credit cards and similar slim objects.

iPhones stand for innovation and vendors who develop its accessories usually make sure that their products are different in some or the other way too. The iPhone 5 polycarbonate cover that is the concern here distinguishes itself by being a wallet at the same time. In fact, it is named Polycarbonate Wallet and costs $34.95. As said, polycarbonate provides the protection to the phone from scratches and blows.

Polycarbonate Wallet for iPhone 5

The case has hinged back that opens up to fit cards, receipts, etc. It can be very handy for the most important things, especially in case of stolen wallet. The compartment snap-shuts securely and features an integrated mirror inside, which could be yet another utility for some.

The door can also be used as a stand for the iPhone 5 for watching movies, games, etc. The exterior of the cover has rubberised coating, which ensures adequate grip unless the user’s hands run streams of sweat.

S5C Slim Fit 2 Case for iPhone 5C from elago

iPhone 5 case elago

Even though there has been no official confirmation about iPhone the release of iPhone 5C, it has not at all stopped the case maker elago from making its cases available for iPhone 5C.

The S5C Slim Fit 2 from the case maker is available to the consumers for pre-order via This case is believed to act as wrap-around shell for the rear of the device and protect it from bruises, scrapes, and drops. The price of the case is $ 10.99 and available in Soft Feeling Black, Soft Feeling Jean Indigo, and White along with 2 other colors.

iPhone 5 case elago

The shipping of the case will not happen until 26th of August which might change depending on the launch of iPhone 5C by Apple. The launch is generally preempted by manufacturers for cases like this so as to make good amount of money from early adopters buying new Smartphone.

Reports state that the new device from Apple will come at a lower price for people who find it hard to upgrade to latest flagship of Apple because of high prices. The device is expected to feature polycarbonate rear case available in 5 different colors. This fall, the company will more likely come up with the launch of iPhone 5C along with a new smartphone which could also be the iPhone 5S.

New iPhone Backup Battery Case by uNu


There is good news for all the iPhone users. uNu has launched a new advanced backup battery integrated protective case for the iPhone. This is great for those users who wish to charge their phones while on the move and keep their iPhone 5 running seamlessly.

The case, weighing 2.9oz and with the dimensions of 5.1×2.3×0.6 inches, comes with a beautiful design. Being slim and strong-built, this ergonomic construction has a screen protector as well. It would protect your iPhone 5 from any damages and eliminate the chances of its screen to get any scratches.


The best feature which makes it an amazing case for your iPhone is the 2300mAh backup battery which certainly is a battery boost for the iPhone 5 users. The case has a designed circuit which optimizes the charging speed and hence supports the chagrining on the go.

Besides this, the buttons as well as the functions of the iPhone 5 would be accessible through the custom cut outs besides the 8-pin lightning port.

The case by uNu would be available in both white and black colour and is priced for $79.99. To get one, just logon to the official site of uNo at and get more details on the case.

Drop Protection, Dustproof and Waterproof Hydra Case for iPhone 5

Hydra Case for iPhone 5

Advanced mobile accessories developer Ballistic has recently launched Hydra waterproof case for the iPhone.

Hydra Case for iPhone 5

Apart from providing waterproof protection, the stylish look and design of the case will help in maintaining the pocketability and aesthetic appeal of the device. The best part about the case is that it can be submerged up to 7 feet in water for as long as 30 minutes. The case is available with acoustic waterproof form and access port covers. It is completely dustproof and acts as shield between the environment and the device.

The Hydra case has been specially designed for drop protection and the company offers guaranteed security for falls up to eight feet. The case has been manufactured with top quality protective materials which include durable polycarbonate and silicone top TPE.

The company is quite confident that the case manufactured by them will help the device withstand against any kind of wear and tear. Another good thing about the case is that it maintains a gap of 1mm with the device which offers better cushioning to the phone.

The trendy design, active latches and easy assembling definitely makes it a top contender when it comes to cases for the iPhone. The case is available with an optional one hundred eighty degree swivel belt clip and holster. The price of the Hydra case is $ 80.

A Smartphone Case That Is Smart from Findables

findables case

Smart phones are, after all, not smart enough to identify their owners and get back to them when they are lost. There is good news for all those who believe or have experienced that smart phones get misplaced like every small handy device. Findables is a smart case for smart phones and allows users to integrate their business and social activities into its security feature.

Findables can serve three utilities simultaneously –business card, social networks and personal identity. The users can add all their business contacts and information as well as share their professional profile.

findables case

Besides, they can personalise their Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Twitter profiles too. The back of the Findables cover features a unique QR code that enables users to utilise these features of the ‘gadgety’ cover.

The personal identifier is a really good feature. Users who lose their mobile devices can sign-in to Findables website and set their profile to Lost Mode. When the QR code at the cover of the left out phone is scanned by any good citizen, the information of its owner gets revealed. It is noteworthy that, according to surveys, 70% of lost mobile phones get returned to their owners, if they are identifiable.

Most importantly, Findables looks like a regular mobile cover and does not couple visually embarrassing look with its smart features.

Esorun Launches Amazing Battery Case for iPhone 5

esorun iphone battery case

Shenzhen Esorun Technology Ltd, one of the leading distributor and manufacturer of handset accessories, external wireless hard drives and wireless charging products, freshly released a battery case for iPhone 5 that is authorized by MFi.

This functional and elegant device is available is seven colours which include black, white, blue, green, red, yellow and orange.

esorun iphone battery case

The new battery case t offers 2150mAh capacity which can be extremely beneficial for iPhone 5 users because of the advanced processing power and high power requirements. Another great thing about this device is that it can be used as a stand and configured in different angles for various types of activities like watching movies, video recording and working applications.

Some of the features of the battery case include:

  • Li-polymer cell included which helps with extended battery life
  • Easy to use in landscape configurations and multiple angles
  • Output and input of 5V-500mA
  • Well protected against tear and wear
  • Camera hole provided to prevent unwanted reflections while taking pictures
  • Eight pin connector
  • Stylish and patented product design

Apple has approved the use of MFi authorized products for their mobile devices and cellular phones therefore consumers can buy the product with full confidence.

Protect your iPad and iPad Mini with Pantone Universe Bookcase

Pantone Universe Bookcase

There is no doubt about the fact that people spend lot of money buying a new iPad mini or iPad. Therefore, it becomes a bit of concern to keep the device scratch free and avoid them from knocks every now and then. However, things seem to have become easy with the arrival of Pantone Universe Bookcase.

Manufactured from soft nubuck leather this stylish Pantone Universe Bookcase keeps the iPad mini and iPad free from dirt, dust and scratches. The best part about these specially crafted cases is that users can fold them into standing position of two types which helps to use the device in different viewing angles as well as landscape mode. As a result of that, users can easily use their device for internet browsing, typing and FaceTime chatting.

Pantone Universe Bookcase

But the only drawback with these cases is that colour options for users are quite limited. Pantone Universe Bookcase is available in two colours only namely Tap Shoe and Scarlet Sage. However, there is good news for iPad users as this case is available in different varieties of colours for iPad users. The users of iPad can choose from blue, grey, red, Azalea Pink and Green Flash as per their choice.

iFrogz from ZAGG INC Launches Eco-friendly Cases for iPhone 5

IFrogz – a subsidiary of the US based leading mobile device accessories and technology company ZAGG Inc – has launched a new eco-friendly line of cases for the Apple iPhone 5 called the Natural series. These cases are made from a combination of recyclable thermoplastic polyurethane and woods to safeguard the device from scratches and dents.

ZAGG Inc executive vice president of marketing Kent Wuthrich said the new Natural cases provide protection for customers’ device and boast attractive and unique design. He also said the company is excited with this latest addition to its portfolio of innovative product solutions.

iFrogzs Natural cases are designed to be both durable and fashionable and are offered in unique prints.

The new cases designs include:

Cacao: A design that is sure to invoke retro styling with images of cobbled streets and antique woodworking.

Cacao Case for iPhone 5

Oasis: Ideal for those who have a taste for clean lines and patterns.

Oasis Case for iPhone 5

Rockwood: The case is apt for the fashionista who wants to flaunt the style and features a zigzag pattern of wood reds, oranges, yellows and blues.

Rockwood Case for iPhone 5

Surf: It evokes the retro surfboards and beach bonfires while also featuring a combination of woods.

Surf Case for iPhone 5

Zabrano: Designed to reflect Zebrawood from the Congo of Africa.

Zabrano Case for iPhone 5

All the above cases are priced at $49.99 and are available at selective retail locations nationwide and at online.

iFrogz creates mobile phone accessories for the iPad, iPod, iPhone and other consumer electronics goods. Its products include ear buds, headphones, cases, portable speakers and accessories for gamers.

Foxconn Starts Manufacturing Amazon Smartphone

Foxconn Starts Manufacturing Amazon Smartphone

Foxconn is in a contract to build Smartphones for Amazon. The same has been revealed by DigiTimes a few days ago. The device is expected to hit the market in mid 2013.

According to a recent report by Taiwan Economic News, it is learnt that Foxconn has already started manufacturing the Smartphones. Amazon may launch the device in second or third quarter of 2013. The report also says that Foxconn started working to produce 5 million handsets priced between $100 and $200 each.

The company’s approach is to work hard to charge less. To sell devices near breakeven and have a lot of quality hardware into a very low price point.

Amazon held yesterday’s headlines, when it was announced that the company has been awarded a patent for Smartphone airbag system by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) essentially a damage avoidance system.

Regarding the Patent the USPTO site says that it is asystem and method for protecting devices from impact so that no damage is caused. Prior to impact between a surface and a device, a determination of a risk of damage to the device is made. If the risk of damage to the device exceeds a threshold, a protection system is activated to reduce or substantially eliminate damage to the device.