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The Bendy USB Charging Cable – a Welcome New novelty for all Gadget Lovers

Bendy USB Charging Cable

The USB charging cable is an object of adoration for millions of people.  It provides them with life and aids them in doing magnificent things on their incredible, fancy, costly devices. However this wonderful provider of life is able to be so fragile. There have been times when that people have accidentally damaged it. Nevertheless it seems that it isn’t their fault as a number of companies simply make fragile USB cables which will break easily. The good news is that there’s a fresh USB cable which promises sturdiness and flashy colors and moreover come at an incredibly reasonable price. It’s named the Bendy and it’s remarkable!

Bendy USB Charging Cable

The Bendy USB cable’s designed with a single purpose, which is durability. Standard USB cables could get damaged from recurring pressure on the neck as a result of simple error on the part of the user. The Bendy does not have any such difficulty. The cable’ thickly enclosed in a strong, lithe coating which will stand firm against such damage. Furthermore, the coating is available in a lot of diverse fun colors! Countless consumer electronics are adding modification as a characteristic of their products and it’s great to know that Bendy is following the trend.

At Last, A Way of Charging Your iPhone Battery While On The Move (though you will be required to do some running involve you running)

charge your iPhone battery

The instant your phone battery becomes 2 per cent right in the middle of an afternoon, it makes you panic and brings dread and sadness to you. However, now this may perhaps be something of the past. Yes and you may in fact get rid of that nagging half a stone which has been bugging you as well.

charge your iPhone battery

A fresh gadget which was initiated this week on Kickstarter guarantees to charge your cell phone even as you work out, implying that you are getting added hours of phone usage by simply working out. This gadget named Ampy functions by making use of a magnet which glides up and down all the way through a coil to transfer the energy from moving into electricity. Its way of working is pretty ingenious actually.

This gadget, which is approximately half the dimension of a Smartphone, is able to turn a jog of 30 minutes into battery life of 3 hours, which seems pretty fair. Thus to sum up and put it simply… Go out for a run, have the phone battery charged, and feel satisfied with life.

Recharge Your Smartphone in 30 Seconds with StoreDot


If you are tired of not being able to use your phone during critical situations and your charger taking a hell of a time to recharge it fully, then good news is here!

An Israeli firm has developed a brand new battery charger for smartphones which can recharge it in just 30 seconds. Though it is hard to believe, the battery charger has the ability to make it true. Its inventors have said that the device known as StoreDot and running on Quantum Dot Technology is still in prototype phase.


The first video released by StoreDot battery charger shows a Samsung smartphone plugged in to the prototype device where it shows the battery levels going from 27% to 100% in less than 30 seconds.

When asked about the availability of this gadget in the market, its developers added that they have shown a battery which can extend the charging limit of smartphone that they have achieved in a year’s time. So in two years time, they would have the essential energy for the whole day. Hence they think that in three years this gadget would be ready for commercial purpose and would cost around $60.

Samsung S4 S-View Wireless Charging Flip Cover at $69.99


A month ago Samsung started the process of launching the Wireless Charging S-View Flip Cover for its Galaxy Note 3. This initiative was started through its online store which gave the owners of the phablet with an option for added protection besides an extra functionality.

From this month onwards Samsung has started selling similar cases for the Galaxy S4 too.


As suggested by its name the Galaxy S4 S-View Wireless Battery Cover enables the handset to be charged wirelessly while used with the Qi-Compatible charger. It could be the Samsung Wireless Charging Pad, LG WCP-300 or the Nokia DT-900.

While checking the case from its front, it offers the S-View window which displays information such as date and time, alarms, music playlists, new messages, etc. The case is also intelligent in its functionality as it automatically wakes the Galaxy S4 when opened.

The company has priced the new S-View Wireless Battery Cover at just $69.99 which is available in two colour options i.e. Black and White. Although it might not sound to be cheap by any means, the added functionality certainly makes it a good investment. One may check out the variants available on the website by visiting the link here.

Convenient and Easy Charging of Smartphone with CulCharge


Smartphone’s have become popular among people of all ages. However, the concerning fact is that most of these Smartphone’s because of their high usage and processing power require to be charged quite often. The introduction of CulCharge comes as a big boon for the users as no longer are they required to carry their phone chargers everywhere.

With the help of CulCharge people can charge their Smartphone by simply plugging it to some USB port. This device also happens to be the smallest USB charger available at present measuring only 6cm. The small size of the charger will allow people to carry it in their wallet or even their keychain without facing any sort of inconvenience.


Multiple connectors cannot be fitted because of the small size of the charger. That is why users will have to purchase separate chargers for every device they use. Depending on the need, the CulCharge is available in lighting plugs, 30-pin iPhone, MiniUSB and MicroUSB. Those backing the IndieGoGo Campaign will be able to purchase the charger at $ 9 only. However, those opting for lighting connectors will have to pay $ 15 simply because of the high costs associated in manufacturing it.

Wireless Charging Accessory for Galaxy S4 Available for $90

Wireless Charging Accessory for Galaxy S4

Galaxy S4 has kept Samsung busy for few weeks now. They have been working hard on the flagship Android handset. Few days ago they had also introduced a new version that was similar to this device.

The main aim was to get a handset for people who require long lasting and tough devices. Samsung is doing every bit to make sure that the users of Galaxy S4 remain satisfied by the addition of the newly created wireless charging product.

Wireless Charging Accessory for Galaxy S4

Users can get the wireless charging pad and charging cover at the online accessory store of Samsung’s website. This wireless charging pad is Qi-certified and it allows the users to refill their Galaxy S4 device without the requirement of any cable or wire. Talking of the wireless charging cover one needs to have battery cover replacement for Galaxy S4 so that it is capable of wireless charging.

The device can be easily bought at the Samsung online store and it can also be used with other charging products that have are Qi-certified. This charging product is available for $49.99 and replacement charging cover can be purchased at $39.99.

iPad Charging Bay Charges 10 Devices Simultaneously

iPad Charging Bay

Power charging multiple Apple devices has been made a lot easier by the launch of a new charging bay – Ten iPad Charging Bay – that can charge up to 10 Apple mobile devices simultaneously.

There is no need to rub the eyes; the figure is correct. This innovation can be called a master charger for any office or residence, with the assumption that multiple people have chosen iPad as their portable computing device.

iPad Charging Bay

That the charging bay is compatible with only iPads may seem a limitation to many but release of an update in the near future is never ruled out. Until the Charging Bay is updated to support other Apple devices, it is advantageous only where multiple use iPads.

Still, the charger is innovative and good enough to win iF product Design Award. Ten iPad charger is designed like a cabinet and has ten separate slots for 10 separate devices.

The mobile devices can be connected to the USB slots corresponding to their bays for charging. Moreover, when a MacBook is connected with the Charging Bay, all the iPads can be synchronised simultaneously to same versions of programme and files.

With retail price of $899.95, the Charging Bay is slightly pricier than what people would like.

Jackery Releases Rechargeable Batteries – Jackery Bar and Jackery Mini for Mobile Devices

Jackery Releases Rechargeable BatteriesSanta Clara’s Jackery has announced the release of its two new batteries which provide up to 200 hours of extra life to mobile devices.

Most of the Smartphones do not run for an entire day, especially on heavy usage and it’s really irritating to get them charged when you are out of home.

Jackery has come up with a small, lightweight, quickly charging rechargeable battery packs – Jackery Bar and Jackery Mini, covered by a stylish aluminum case.

The Jackery Bar, powered by 5600mAh provides 2.1A output with up to 120 hours of additional operational time. It weighs 5.4 ounces.

The Jackery Mini, powered by 2600 mAh provides with 50 hours of extra operational time. It measures 3.7×0.9 inches and weighs 3 ounces.

Both Jackery Bar and Jackery Mini are available on Amazon at a retail price of $39.95.and 29.95 respectively.

Jackery  COO  Julie Wang said that the Bar and Mini are fast charging and powerful external batteries that let users with peace of mind. Jackery Bar could be used for business trips and Jackery Mini for local usage.

These external batteries are well-matched on Smartphones and Tablets running iOS, Android and Windows8 as well as MP3 players and gaming devices.

Multi Pocket Jacket from ScotteVest Can Play Music and Charge Gadgets

Multi Pocket Jacket from ScotteVest Can Play Music and Charge GadgetsIdaho based conduit clothing manufacturer Scottevest has taken the wraps off a new wearable technology at CES and as redefined the technology enabled clothing concept with its introduction of the TEC Jacket 2.0. yesterday. The concept behind this TEC (Technology Enabled Clothing) Jacket is intelligent and sophisticated clothing that can charge gadgets and play music as well.

This company also revealed the new SeV Fleece Jacket 7.0. which has specially designed pockets that hold smartphones, iPods, iPads and has the latest technology such as flat batteries woven in the fabric, microphones and flexible speakers placed in the collar and an E Ink screen to monitor connectivity, location, temperature and battery status. But before everyone started jumping over conclusions, the company announced that it might take at least two years for the concept to become a reality.

However, Scottevest has few other high-tech garments in its collection. One among those is a windbreaker-style multi pocket jacket. It will be available for anything between $160 and $175 this summer. This jacket features an iPad-sized pocket as well as a phone-sized pocket with a transparent plastic display inside the jacket. It also has detachable sleeves with the ability to wire headphones from each pocket.

Scottevest has been into tech-friendly clothing for a couple of years.

Easy Doks CR19 3 Port Smart Charger

Easy Doks CR19 3 Port Smart ChargerFor those who travel frequently and always worry about charging their much gadgets, Easy-Doks has released a new 3 port smart charger the CR 19 that is capable of charging three devices at a time. The device is expected to be a hit among frequent travelers as it is hard to carry a bunch of mobile chargers when one is out on work or on a tour with family.

The new CR19 three-port smart charger can charge Android devices, iPhones, iPads, iPods, Kindles, BlackBerry’s and so on. It also comes equipped with a Bluetooth keyboard and also supports USB cable organization. Additionally it has FM stereo, clock radio and also speakers for those who do not want to miss out listening to music while the devices are being charged. The Bluetooth keyboard helps in typing on the device while it is connected for charging.

CR19 has Smart Current Detection Technology that protects the device battery by allowing equal supply of power for each individual device.

CR19 is priced at $84.99 and is ready for its debut at CES in January 2013 and may be released in February. Also available is CR34, a six port smart charger at $99.99.