The new iPhone speaker-dock by Phillips has been released. It offers lightening as well as Bluetooth connectivity and has been named DS8400. It comes with an internal battery for a standalone use. Users can dock it with the iPhone or stream music from a phone which is Bluetooth A2DP compliant. Other gadgets such as tablets, PMP may also be used with these speakers.

The speakers have a curved casing which includes two 3-inch full-range drivers where each of them gets a bass pipe. The company has gone on to claim that these speakers would reduce sound reflections as well as unwanted vibrations due to the no-squared sides on both its ends. Coming to the audio front the DS8400 takes in digital audio input from iPhone rather than the analog. This promises to provide an overall better sound quality where the dock would work with SoundStudio app on the iOS. It comes with a graphic equalizer along with “MySound” system. If one drags their fingers over the onscreen grid it would provide them with an option to adjust the sound as per their preference i.e. “powerful”, “bright”, “clear” or “warm”.

DS8400 iPhone speaker-dock launched by Phillips

Using this app, users may even play the internet radio and it even provides the aux-in connection at back for connecting with other non-Apple devices. Phillips has priced these speakers at £250 i.e. $377. However, there are no plans or announcement by the company to launch this product in the United States.