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A few updates made to the Inspector gadget

iPhone 6S Plus is a phablet version

From the regular technology reviews which have gathered up, there have been a few updates in the inspector gadget for the iPhone 6S. The experts have said that though it may look similar outside to that of the 6Plus, but if one takes a closer look at it, one would find that there have been quite some enhancements.

This iPhone 6S Plus is a phablet version of the new and upgraded iPhone, and it is mainly distinguished by a larger screen and an increased battery life span. Also it has an A9 processor which is faster, it has a better pressure sensitive touch, it has the ability to multi-task more efficiently and more importantly- it comprises of an advanced iOS 9 operating system. Also this updated version of iPhone 6S has a new state of the art image stabilizing feature.

iPhone 6S Plus is a phablet version

The color is however the same as any other 6S- such as silver, rose gold, gray and gold. However there are some experts who have said that the only thing which they did not like about this is that both these phablet has just 16 GB of storage and that honestly is just not enough for a highly productive unit.

Still there are many who are liking this newer version of the iPhone 6S.

Apple iPhone 7 to release sooner than you expect

Apple iPhone 7

While China is getting hit by the growing demand for the iPhone 6s, the world is looking for5ward to the next move buy Apple Inc. recently, it has been focused clearly that the young generation residing in the Chinese republic are becoming so much desperate that they are willing to sell their semen for getting hold of their dream smart phone. On the other hand, some of them even have sold their kidneys. But it is expected that such incidents can develop into stronger ones with the release of the next product by Apple.

Apple iPhone 7

The Apple iPhone 6 and 6S is a matter of past, as people have been talking about the release of the next generation cellular device that is yet to be announced by the company. Though the company have not said anything related to the release of iPhone 7, rumors are developing to be stronger. According to some secret reports, the features of the iPhone 7 is the topic discussed in the Apple headquarters and there are some characteristics that have been finalised in the process.

According to he talks, this version of the Apple device is going to be thick as compared to its latest innovations, and it can increase by anywhere around 0.2 mm.

At Last, A Way of Charging Your iPhone Battery While On The Move (though you will be required to do some running involve you running)

charge your iPhone battery

The instant your phone battery becomes 2 per cent right in the middle of an afternoon, it makes you panic and brings dread and sadness to you. However, now this may perhaps be something of the past. Yes and you may in fact get rid of that nagging half a stone which has been bugging you as well.

charge your iPhone battery

A fresh gadget which was initiated this week on Kickstarter guarantees to charge your cell phone even as you work out, implying that you are getting added hours of phone usage by simply working out. This gadget named Ampy functions by making use of a magnet which glides up and down all the way through a coil to transfer the energy from moving into electricity. Its way of working is pretty ingenious actually.

This gadget, which is approximately half the dimension of a Smartphone, is able to turn a jog of 30 minutes into battery life of 3 hours, which seems pretty fair. Thus to sum up and put it simply… Go out for a run, have the phone battery charged, and feel satisfied with life.

Seek – The Economical Thermal Camera for Your Iphone

Seek Thermal Camera

Though not discussed as frequently as it ought to be smart phones and apps have been able to make stunning steps in making imaging available to the common public. Yeah, you used up 10 minutes capturing stuff in slow motion on an iPhone, but it implies that the great unwashed could mess with it. Likewise, Seek gets a formerly outrageously costly know-how to an economical platform.

Seek Thermal Camera

Seek is a rather economical thermal camera which is able to fasten to either your Android / iPhone. You basically snap it into the base, get the app booted, and point it at anything you would like to look at as the thermal object. Thermal imaging means that you are able to see the amount of hotness of coolness of an object in relation to its surroundings.

Theoretically, that basically reads similar to an entertaining gadget you possibly will use some times before confining it to the drawer. However it is worth recounting that thermal imaging methods such as this are really hard to get hold of elsewhere as the majority of them aren’t customer grade gear, but more of industrial gear used for spotting heat leaks or else diagnosing relatively grave technical difficulties. So, simply by being there, and being approximately $150 cheaper compared to the additional consumer versions, it is sort of revolutionary.

iPhone 6 Screens to Be Produced from Next Month


Apple Inc is all set to begin its mass production of display screens from May this year for its next iPhone, which would be launched in autumn this year, according to sources.

The 4.7 inch screen would enter the production first which means the ones with 5.5 inch size would be delayed. Unidentified sources also added that companies like LG Display Co Ltd in South Korea, Japan Display Inc and sharp Corp are roped in for the production of the screen.


This also indicates that the iPhone 6 screens would be much bigger than the usual 4.0 inch display found on the prevailing models of iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

Larger iPhones by this brand would make it to create a niche of its own in the Smartphone category and have an edge over its rivals in the industry.

However, the American firm is under immense pressure to make a revolution in the field of gadgets, but Tom Cook, the CEO of Apple prefers to keep it a secret while only assuring that there are many new products for 2014. This is because the shares of the firm have plunged greatly to $600 in the recent times.

Apple Rolls out iOS 7.0.5 Update Including Network Provisioning Bug Fix


Majority of iOS users are looking forward to the iOS 7.1 update that is anticipated to bring some performance improvements, UI tweaks and possibly bring some fix for death bug’s white/black screen.

The beta testing phase of the update has been continuing for some months now. Apple has started pushing new software to the users but, not exactly what was anticipated by the users.


An iOS 7.0.5 update has been rolled out by the company for iPhone 5C and 5S users that will include some minor software changes. The major change that will accompany this update is the network provisioning correction for few iPhone 5C and 5S models available in China.

It has already been mentioned that not every device will be receiving this update. The models receiving the update include iPhone 5S A1530 (Asia Pacific), A1457 (Europe/U.K) and A1528 (China) whereas iPhone 5C models include A1529 (Asia Pacific), A1526 (China) and A1507 (Europe/U.K).

This does not seem to be huge deal as the fix in the update is only for affected models in China. This is also a bit unusual for the company as Apple generally rolls out update for all of its devices. Users can get the update by going to Settings app -> General -> Software Update.

Apple to Fix the iOS 7 Reboot Bug


Recently many iOS7 users have been facing issues with their devices. This reboot bug has plagued huge number of iOS7 devices and is named white and black screen of death.

This bug either causes the device to crash out or reboots itself out of nowhere. But the good news for the iOS users is that Apple would be taking necessary steps to bring up an update and fix the problem.


The spokesperson for Apple said that the company is aware of the recent problems in the devices and they are working on this. They have started working on an upcoming software update and will fix the bug to avoid home screen crash problems.

The date for this update has not yet been confirmed but the spokesperson has assured that it would be fixed in the coming months. iOS 7 had been released in September 2013 and brought new features in the Apple devices.

Some of the most notable features were iTunes Radio and Control Center. Though the company has not spoken much about this but it is confirmed that the experts are busy in repairing the iOS 7 problems.

China Mobile to Sell Apple 5s and 5c from January 2014


Apple iPhone’s 5s and 5c smartphones have released on several platforms since they made their first debut in late September.

Recently, the electronics major announced that their long-list of carriers is soon to grow again and this newest addition will be amongst the largest agreements that the company has made till date.


The company announced recently that a multi-year deal has been signed with China Mobile which will see the said carrier to launch both these smartphones in stores this Friday.

China Mobile is the largest mobile operator in the world as far as subscriber base and network size is concerned, with over 760 million subscribers. Both these smartphones will support 4G/TD- LTE and 3G/TD- SCDMA on the carrier’s network.

Availability and pricing details for these devices can be expected soon, but Apple went on-record to say that pre-booking process will kick off on December 25th.

This may not mean “big” to the subscribers sitting back in U.S, but adding China Mobile to its portfolio is certainly a big- thing for Apple. This not only allows another operator to stock the 5c and 5s, but because of China Mobile, Apple gets access to over 760 million subscribers for the first time ever.

The Next iPhone to be Unveiled by Apple on September 10

The Next iPhone to be Unveiled by Apple on September 10

The latest buzz from the world of tech is that the next iPhone is due to be launched on September 10 this year.

Rumour is that an iPhone 5S is on its way or a cheaper version of the iconic range. The iPhone 5 was introduced by Apple around the same time last year. Last time around, the pre-booking procedure started within days after the official launch event and went on to sale three weeks later.

The Next iPhone to be Unveiled by Apple on September 10

Rumour-mills suggest that the phone will be coming with speed improvements as usual, enhanced battery life and a better camera with dual LED flash. One exciting thing is that the company will be introducing an in-built fingerprint reader to unlock the phone. One can also expect a cheaper version of the phone- maybe accompanied by a plastic back.

Given the radically new design of the phone, iOS 7 is likely to be its most controversial feature. No major services are likely to be introduced by the OS apart from the iTunes Radio. The operating system’s early betas were almost unusable but one can expect the latest version to be very stable and ready to use for prime time.

The company is also set to launch its OS X Mavericks sometime during this year.

New Boostcase Launched to Power iPhone 5


It is quite irritating when one finds out in the middle of an important phone call that their iPhone 5 is about to run out of “gas”. As this is quite a common problem among the iPhone 5 users, they tend to shell out a lot of money on items such as a portable battery or a car charger.

Now, one can put their fears to rest as a “Boostcase” was recently launched that not only offers protection for the phone but as the name suggests, it helps to boost the phone’s battery life.


After all, the faster processor and the high resolution camera surely need their share of power. It is here where the device comes as a life-saver. It may not be the first portable charger to come out in the market but surely is the easiest, cleverest and attractive of them all. Hybrid technology plays a big part here with one part acting as a snap-on, sleek protective case that remain attached to the phone while the other part is a battery sleeve, which in a jiffy can be clipped on the back of the case, delivering 1500mAh of power. This device comes with a price tag of $59.99.