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An Intro to FamilyTime Parenting App – Making Modern Parenting Way Easier!

What’s FamilyTime app

Are you looking for a smart way to connect with your loved ones? Actually, it can be pretty interesting, especially for working parents who can really use some help with monitoring their children from their office. So if you’re looking for one such app, let me introduce FamilyTime. It’s a fun app with some interesting features and a neat layout. Without much ado, let’s review FamilyTime parenting app and see how well it fares.

What’s FamilyTime app?

As we all know today’s kids are getting extremely tech-savvy. It’s almost impossible to keep a track of what they do with their phones so it’s better to have a way of doing so, digitally. And this is what FamilyTime is good at. First of all, you have to educate kids about FamilyTimesoftware and how they can use it to stay secured. It keeps the data private and promisesto take the best security measures.

What’s FamilyTime app

What sets this app from other parental apps is the fact that it’s just not a monitoring app that will only help you. In fact, you teens can also connect with you through this.

Basically, FamilyTime has two versions- FamilyTime app for children and FamilyTime – Dashboard for parents. Children can use their app to contact their parents with a single tap. They can send their parents SOS alerts and PickMeUp alerts making it really handy app in emergency situations.

FamilyTime Child Dashboard

FamilyTime – Dashboard, the parents’ version of the software is a well-thought one. It does not collect any data from the parents’ device. In fact, FamilyTime – Dashboard is merely a parents’ online dashboard where they can view and manage their child profiles and mobile devices.

FamilyTime Dashboard

How it works?

Unlike other parental controls, FamilyTime will not take much of your time. It’s a very user-oriented app with a simple activation process. First, you’d need to go to the FamilyTime official Website, register as parent and log in to your parent account which is completely free.

As you get done with activating your account, you can also download the FamilyTime – Dashboard app on your Android or iPhone for further ease of use. FamilyTime – Dashboard is available on Google Playand iTunes and can be downloaded from:


Google play

The next step is to download the FamilyTime app for children on their mobile device. You can download the app on their phones or tablets and then pair it with your FamilyTime parent account. You will now see the child profile on your online dashboard.

Valuable specs for parents

  • Check location history
  • Geo-fence Places
  • Get Geo-fencing alerts
  • Keep an eye on their contacts
  • View browsing history
  • Check call logs, caller details
  • Receive panic alerts
  • Get PickMeUp alerts
  • View installed apps
  • Block the inappropriate apps
  • Lock phone remotely

FamilyTime verdict: A great app, certainly!

This application understands that time is very important for the 21st century parents, that’s why it lets parents stay posted and alerts them when there is something they need to know. It’s quite responsible and very intuitive. It can adapt to your usage and quite fun to use.

We can safely assume that FamilyTime parenting app is a safe bet for parents seeking digital parental controls for their children. It’s got some impressive features and is very user-oriented. Let us know how you found the app and how well it works for you!

Drivers, Passengers Complain That Uber App Does Not Always Give The Most Favorable Routes

Uber App

There’re lots of things that Uber users like about the service but uncertainty surrounding its navigation process isn’t among them. Following grievances of Uber drivers not knowing the most excellent routes to clients’ destination, this company brought out a fresh in-app direction-finding feature. It lets customers plug in the place they are going to ahead of getting into the car and supplies drivers with turn-by-turn directions once they have started the drive. However a number of passengers as well as drivers are of the opinion that Uber’s navigation system isn’t giving the results which the company had promised.

Uber App

NPR’s Facebook followers when asked as to why they make use of ride-sharing services such as Uber said that the service is suitable as the charges are low, the cars are normally clean, they do not require calling ahead or hailing a car like they have to with customary taxi cabs, the system of rating keeps the drivers responsible and more. However the users who praised Uber also voiced their dissatisfaction with its navigation system.

Washington, D.C. resident Laura Hardwick, who employs Uber and further ride-sharing apps is of the opinion that the these services have their benefits but they come at a price, which is that UberX drivers are likely to be less acquainted with a metropolis compared to the traditional taxicab drivers. Others users are of the same opinion.

Lakewood Uncovers Smart Phone App That Lets You Pay For Parking In The Parking Lots Downtown

Lakewood Uncovers Smart Phone App

Drivers who park in a couple of municipal lots do not have to feel for their coins / credit cards at kiosks any more. Lakewood is uniting with added communities, which include Pittsburgh; Toledo, Baltimore; Washington, D.C., and Columbus, in letting drivers pay for the duration for which they will park their vehicles from their mobile phones directly.

Lakewood Uncovers Smart Phone App

Parkmobile USA Inc., an Atlanta-based company teamed up with Lakewood to present this alternative system at a couple of downtown parking lots to the north of Detroit Avenue. This app functions in parking Lot A, which lies between St. Charles Avenue and Warren Road to the east, and Lot B, which lies between Cook Avenue and Warren Road to the west. In the previous year, the city substituted the parking meters in such lots with parking spaces that are numbered and kiosks which accept coins / credit cards. The city has presently expanded such options to allow payment by mobile phone using a credit card / a PayPal account. The user having signed him/her up for the complimentary app, they can enter the numbers of their zone and parking space and pick the duration for which they want to park.

According to Mayor Michael Summers this app will be of use to visitors who require staying downtown for a longer time that they had thought, since they can pay for the added time directly from their mobile phone. This app would also be practical for the winter season as drivers would not longer need to stand outside next to the kiosk.