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ASUS launched Chromebit to pit against the Google Chromecast

ASUS announced their new Chromebit streaming device

ASUS announced their new Chromebit streaming device for only $85. It’s one of the few devices that offer streaming capabilities in a tiny form factor. The device will be available from a range of retailers including Amazon, Newegg and Fry’s. The Chromebit can turn any TV into a smart TV. The device comes with 2GB RAM and you can use the device to browse the internet, stream videos and a lot more. You can watch your movies wherever you go and all you need is an HDMI supported television to make it work and also a Wi-Fi connection.

ASUS announced their new Chromebit streaming device

You can also double up your TV as a computer if you have a mouse and keyboard for navigation and connecting the peripherals will allow you to use your TV just like a Chromebook. The device combines the qualities of both the Intel Compute Stick and the Google Chromecast. The new Chromebit also comes with an USB port to help users connect pen drives or other storage devices and any kind of peripheral that is supported by Chrome OS. The device is powered by an ARM based RockchipSoC with a quad-core processor clocked at 1.8GHz and a Mali-T764 GPU.

The Zen Watch 2 is reported to be priced aggressively for its October launch!

Zen Watch 2

Reports suggest that that the Zen Watch 2 is priced aggressively by ASUS for its October launch- revealed by sources.

The Zen watch 2 AMOLED screen has a host of superb features- both in terms of its software and hardware and for that it doesn’t disappoint. The version of the smart watch is a bit smaller and comes with a 1.45 inch display costing $190. Many experts have said that they really appreciate the efforts of ASUS family but they think that they might miss out on a large portion of the market, just like the last Android wear did.

Zen Watch 2

As per the ASUS family, their device comprises of a 2 day battery life and will be obtainable to the customers in vivid colour combinations such as silver, rose gold and gun metal. At the years’ Computex Taipei ASUS launched some trailer regarding the devices features and presently is now up for sale at Everybuying for a price of $270 unlocked! The ASUS members say that it is similar to the main model and will definitely make the customers like it.

The ASUS family is also confident that their main model will be quite successful in the market and are confident in being sold out in large numbers. All one can do is wait and find out in time.

Wear an Android on Your Wrist with the Asus ZenWatch

Wear an Android on Your Wrist with the Asus ZenWatch

The impression that a lot of people might be having is that things have calmed down on the smartwatch side of things and this might be because of the Android Wear declarations made and the heraldry that the Apple Watch bring. But there is another one.

Asus happens to be one of the most fascinating companies in the world of gadgets and they have initiated the ZenWatch, characterized by its rounded glass and stitched up leather and everything else.

Wear an Android on Your Wrist with the Asus ZenWatch

WI500Q is the precise model number that we’re talking about and it provides you with the alternative of being able to pick from 100 options for watch faces and has a leather watchband that can be got in three colors.

It also has the feature for voice search through Google. One more feature of this watch its camera tie in with a smartphone.

According to Asus the way of going about this is to launch new graphic prospects by showing the camera viewfinder on your smart phone on the ASUS ZenWatch remotely. Asus adds that is of use in taking a selfie and a group photo and lets the photographer compile the photo, press on the shutter, and check out the final outcome although being one of the people in the photograph.

If you want more information, it is listed along with the inspiring shiny photographs on the website of Asus ZenWatch.

The Smart Bracelet Which Like Having On The Wrist

The Smart Bracelet Which Like Having On The Wrist

Among the biggest complaints that people have about the present status of smartwatches is that several of them are simply ugly. The majority of such watches appear similar to a smart phone secured to the wrist, but Intel is wishing to change all that through one of its newest projects. The company lately collaborated with Opening Ceremony for powering the retailer’s innovative MICA smart bracelet, which is a jewelry piece having a touch screen display placed on the inside in a discrete manner. MICA stands for “My Intelligent Communication Accessory”. This bracelet is intended to be an accessory primarily and a tech product secondly, as Intel New Devices Group VP Ayse Ildeniz stated to Business Insider.

The Smart Bracelet Which Like Having On The Wrist

The MICA has its personal 3G radio, which implies it that the user does not have to tether it to a smartphone for pulling up text messages, emails, as well as posts from their social media feed.

This smart bracelet is going to be made available in a couple of times when it is launched ahead of the holiday season. One of its versions would be having a black colored watersnake skin finish, Cinese pearls and a lapis stone of Madagascar while the other would be featuring a base of white colored water snake skin having stones of tiger’s eye of South Africa and obsidian of Russia.

How to Choose a Good Compact Digital Camera

Camera Mega Pixels

It’s important to capture life’s special moments so we can look back on them for years to come. Whether you put your photos in an album, store them on the computer or hang them on the walls, one thing you’re definitely going to need is a camera! However, it’s not always easy to know what to look for in a camera, so here are some top tips…

How much do you want to spend?

What camera you buy may very well depend on your budget. If you have a nice little bit of extra cash and you fancy yourself as a bit of a photographer then you might want to opt for a DSLR camera. They’re often bigger and have various features to help you get better photographs but then do naturally cost a fair bit more than your standard point and click.

However, if you don’t want to spend a fortune then there are plenty of great little cameras that are very affordable and still take great snaps. Plus, they’ll fit much easier into a bag, which is always handy. Just take a look at some of the cameras on Electric Shop for some great deals.

Don’t worry about megapixels

When shopping for cameras, you’ll likely be bombarded about how many megapixels a camera has but don’t get bogged down with this. Most cameras have more than 10Mp and this is more than enough unless you’re planning to blow the picture up to large sizes.

Camera Mega Pixels

Zoom is important

If you’re taking someone’s photos up close then there’s no problem at all. However, if you’re stood a little further away then some cameras may struggle to capture your subject in enough detail. Look at the optical zoom and try and ensure it’s around 10-15x to get the best photos. Digital zoom isn’t worth paying too much attention to as it can lead to blurry photos.

Do you want video?

Gone are the days when you needed a separate camera and camcorder to take your photos and videos; now you can get compact digital cameras that take excellent quality video as well. Some will even take HD quality video although don’t expect it to be anywhere near as good as top quality camcorders. It should still be good enough for little home videos, however.

Camera Video

Low light settings

One of the hardest things to get right when taking photos is getting it right if the light levels are low. Some cameras are better than others at capturing images at low light, so look out for the ISO settings which will help determine how it copes with poor light.

Check online reviews

Probably the best way to determine whether a camera is any good or not is to read some online reviews. If they’re via independent review sites such as reevoo, then they’re much more trustworthy and you can get a real feel for whether people like the camera or not.

For more information on how to choose a good digital camera, What Digital Camera is a great place to start.

Giroptic’s Egg Camera Looks at the World in 360 Degrees

Giroptic Camera

This small and lightweight egg shaped camera can watch, record or view the world in 360 degrees.

When you look at this unique shaped camera, you will not find it looking like a camera at all. This kickstarter project, which is known as the world’s first 360 degree camera is a product of Giroptic.

Giroptic Camera

The egg design is viewed as a peculiar and an extraordinary one as it can function as a camera with 360 degree viewing ability. Each one of the three 185 degree cameras built in and around the camera’s body offers it a field of view of 300 X 360 that are blended together to form an entire image of the whole world to view it from all sides.

Giroptic Camera 2

The camera is also equipped with other features that make it an exceptional one. The internal GPS antenna offers the ability to take geo-tagging images or record video. The microSD slots also provide it expandable internal data storage and it can connect using Wi-Fi to stream videos and remote control.

It is also loaded with three microphones separately that is installed with uniform distances in the device to offer 360 degree sound field along with viewing experience.

Galaxy Camera 2 Arriving by March with Android 4.3 for $ 449.99


Samsung had already announced its Galaxy Camera 2 on 2nd of January which will accompany 4.8 inch touch-screen and 16.3MP camera. However, there were no revelations regarding the release date and pricing of the device.

Recently, the company stated that the new device will be launched by the middle of March with a price tag of $ 449.99. Buyers of this new device will get the device packed with 21x optical zoom, quad-core 1.6GHz processor, 16.3MP camera, 8GB storage, 2GB RAM as well as microSD slot. The device will be powered by 2000mAh battery.


Galaxy Camera 2 will include some special features that will allow users to capture better photos. Galaxy Camera 2 will be available with 28 SMART modes, thirteen new options along with features like Photo Beam and Tag & Go that will assist with image sharing with other devices.

Though, majority of people nowadays rely on Smartphones to meet their photo-capturing needs, there are others who always prefer a dedicated camera for the purpose.

However with an affinity towards capturing photos as well as Android might find this device perfectly suitable towards their needs. Apart from this announcement, the company also launched mirror-less NX30 at a price of $ 999.99.

Some of the features include Super AMOLED 3-inch Swivel & Touch display, 20.3MP camera and SMART modes such as Macro and Beauty Face as well as SD card slot.

X-T1 Camera from Fujifilm to Ship Next Month with $ 1300 Price Tag

X-T1 Camera from Fujifilm

Fujifilm has come up with a full-featured interchangeable lens camera that will include models like X-E2 and X-M1.

The X-Mount cam, X-T1 is the latest product to be added to the company’s portfolio and will be compatible with Fujinon XC and XF lenses.

The shipment of the camera will start from next month with a price tag of $1300 for only the body or customers can also purchase the cam at $ 1700 with 18-55mm f/2.8-4 kit lens.

X-T1 Camera from Fujifilm

Some of the features of the device include large OLED viewfinder, 16.3MP sensor, EXR Processor II and refreshed UI. Apart from that it also includes 8fps burst mode which includes tracking autofocus.

One of the striking features of the device is its weather-resistant build. The weather resistant lens of the camera protects it against water and dust. On top of that, it has a freeze proof feature of up to -10°C.

The three-inch dot tilting LCD has been tempered glass reinforced which will protect it against sudden collisions. The camera will also be available with Wi-Fi connectivity that will assist users with instant transfers as well as remove shooting through the company’s camera remote app.

Olympus Stylus 1 Comes with Excellent DSLR Level Performance


The compact camera market has been redefined by Olympus once again by equipping its new Stylus 1 camera with a slew of features.

This camera is designed especially for semi-pro shooters looking for optical brilliance. It brings together DSLR operation, portability and convenience in one single package. It also packs in i.ZUIKO lens, incorporating the exceptional optical quality of Olympus’ ZUIKO interchangeable lenses.


At the heart of this device lies TruePic IV image processor and 1/ 1.7-inch BSI CMOS sensor. This gets accompanied with features like built- in EVF (electronic viewfinder) and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Sporting the ultra-slim and newly developed 10.7x i.ZUIKO lens (28-300mm), Stylus 1 can deliver f2.8 brightness constantly, allowing it to be versatile enough in capturing telephoto to wide shots while delivering professional- quality stills with de-focused backgrounds.

The lens is also coming with a built- in image stabilization mechanism that eliminates shake and blur virtually. Not only that, the lens is capable enough in capturing stunning macro images even from 2″ away. It also features Olympus PEN series’ Fast Touch AF for precision focusing, all thanks to its tiltable touch-screen monitor.

The camera is all set to arrive with a price tag $699.99 and will be available in black color.

Nikon Unveils New Df Camera


Nikon released their Nikon Df range of cameras recently. This FX-format combines worry-free, intuitive dial-free operation and superior image quality.

All of this is arriving in the lightest and the smallest of FX-format bodies, thereby making Nikon Df extremely portable.


Large mechanical dials are also present in this camera that enable intuitive and direct operation, offering the pleasure of capturing photographs with precision mechanics and allowing shutterbugs to experience the joy of developing images reflecting their individual talent.

Visual confirmation of shutter speed, exposure compensation values and ISO sensitivity come with the camera in addition to the ability to adjust the settings directly, even when it is turned-off.

These cameras rely on similar CMOS sensor and boast 16.2 megapixels. The image-processing engine of this camera is that of EXPEED 3 that is present in the company’s D4 flagship model.

Nikon Df offers superior and stable image quality in various lighting conditions. It supports sensitivities ISO 100-12800 along with an additional reduction and expansion of ISO 50 and ISO 204800 respectively. The kit lens that accompanies this camera is AF-S 50mm f/1.8G, maximizing further Df’s portability. The price range is not yet available.