Enthusiasts of smart gadgets have good reason to cheer as the BlueBulb Bluetooth Light Bulb has finally been launched to public. The announcement was made by the CEO of BlueBulb, Peter Lakits.


The bulbs are results of extensive research and repeated designing. There are only 400 units ready to be shipped due to shortage of fund. However, BlueBulb seems to have hit full gear through the period of development to remain ahead of its competitors.

Finally, its strife paid off with million-colour bulbs that can be operated with the help Bluetooth devices. Currently, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 support Bluetooth Bulbs. Updates for Android and other platforms are expected to come soon.

Lakits explained that BlueBulb Bluetooth Bulbs, unlike other smart bulbs, are independent of Internet connection or base station. Only the free application available at iTune Store is required to control brightness, colour and timer for the bulb.

The limited edition is available to those who contribute to FundAnything. BlueBulb intends to start full production after initial collection of $20,000 is achieved. Steve Greene handles journalists and critics, who want to interview Peter Lakits or obtain BlueBulb Bluetooth Bulb to review.