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This landline inspired gadget wants to replace your home phone

Ily smart home phone

Most of us don’t use a landline anymore with only 60% of households having retained their old connections. Most of these old landlines don’t have any advanced functions that are included in modern smartphones. A new startup, Insensei, has been making waves with their new communication device that combines the simplicity of your old landline phone and the functionalities of a touchscreen tablet.

Ily  smart home phone

This device has been code named Ily and will launch soon in the US in the coming months. It has a special mode that allows even the people who are not adept with technology to use the device with its simple to use interface. It will help families stay in touch with each other. The Ily goes head to head with Bloog which is owned by Google Ventures, which was launched last week. Ily also comes with a smartphone app that allows users to share photos and other media with their family members with a simple flick of the wrist. You can of course, make traditional phone calls and also video chat through their own service or through other Android based apps.

The device will go on sale soon in the US for $199 before reaching out to other parts of the world. It makes a compelling device for those who want to get rid of their clunky landlines.


Dyson V6 Absolute review

Dyson V6 Absolute

The Absolute is the name given to the high-end reproduction of the V6 series of the firm, and it takes its name from the engine running its vacuums. The vital elements of the vacuum are the identical as the ones present in the others of the series, though but the Absolute fits in all conceivable attachments accessible, which include one resembling a paint roller, devised particularly for hardwood flooring. This package has a slender size and packs in various options.

Dyson V6 Absolute

Consistent with the Dyson legacy, merchandise that is practical is made visually agreeable. Though the blend of magenta pink, cobalt blue, & nickel grey could jar, the blend of colors works excellently on the V6 and provides it with a present-day and trendy look. The key suction part, meanwhile, is a retro ultramodern joy and is not different from any of the alien blasters from Mars Attacks, the movie of Tim Burton!

V6 Absolute can be set up easily and you do not have to refer to any instruction manual and the Credit for this goes to an intuitive design of this device having a chain of elements clicking nicely into one another along with a well-built, guarded connection that charges the vacuum through a mains socket.

Rented Homes Must Be Supplied With a Microwave

Microwave Gadget

At some point in a briefing made by senior housing official Liz Hore on the examinations of private properties completed by Wexford County Council in the present year Cllr Tony Dempsey expressed his surprise over stipulation that Landlords not supplying a microwave in rented/leased homes are violating Government laws. The Wexford County Council is accountable for the implementation of laws governing the lowest standards for leased housing in the private sector.

Microwave Gadget

According to Ms. Hore 130 examinations have been done in 2014, which has resulted in issuance of 124 non-compliance letters. The majority of these are concerning smoke detectors, fire blankets and extractor fans and are typically resolved after the landlords has been notified. Director of Services Tony Larkin made it clear that the job of the council is not to write the laws but their implementation. He said that the thing which they decide is the way of following it up. With technical violation, the way of doing it is by mean of a letter directing that something has got to be fixed.

According to Mr. Larkin the Council functions on a strategy of carrying out an inspection of a property no less than once in every 5 years.

Rapid Radrain – The New Gadget Which Could Make Plumbing Difficulties A Breeze By Draining Radiators In Ten Minutes

Rapid Radrain

With autumn not far away, radiators would soon be cranking back to life and every so often they would provide you with less than ideal results. However to summon a plumber is able to be expensive. Now, after having spent £50,000 worth of savings and a time of 3 years on design, Peter Jeffrey, a heating engineer and his cousin, Stuart Bailey, an entrepreneur, have produced a gadget which allows people to drain as well as substitute radiators without much effort. As stated by Bailey though people consider the job of dislodging a radiator from a wall to be a really tricky one it is able to be simple and is able to be done in 10 minutes by people who have no previous experience of this.

Rapid Radrain

This gadget, called the Rapid RaDrain and having a price of £24.99 was lately the runner-up in the celebrated Heating and Ventilation Awards and got sold out on QVC shopping channel and has presently begun selling through Amazon and Homebase.

Presently Peter and Stuart bailey, who are based in Woodlands St Mary, Berkshire, boast of 3 more plumbing goods in the pipeline.

Gadgets That Help Improve Your Home


As we look at the release of recent gadget news, there are a number of things for you that will be of help in improving your home.

Some of the gadgets are OTTO Bamboo Fan, Dewstop FS-100 bathroom condensation control, ThermaCELL insect-repellent patio lantern and Chic Buds ear buds.


The OTTO Bamboo Fan is crafted from maintainable bamboo wood. It is incorporated with a motor of 45 watts and three diverse speed settings. This fan costs $199.99.

Dewstop FS-100

The 45 watt Dew Stop Lavatory Condensation Control is a Smart Fan know-how that automatically becomes aware of condensation and switches on the fan in such a case. It helps put off mildew and mold. Included in its pack is with an adaptable countdown timer as well as a LED light. It costs approximately $45.


The mosquito repellent patio lantern called ThermaCELL is a lantern which helps in keeping black flies, mosquitoes as well as other bugs at bay. The makers affirm that it is efficient within an area of 15×15 foot, which is the dimension of a standard patio/deck. It does not employ a candle or open flame and costs $29.99.


Chic Buds are headphones that are made specifically for ladies and girls. They are multicolored and the company affirms that they are tangle free. Available in 12 different colors, they cost about $15.

Swash Cleans Your Clothes in Just 10 Minutes


Swash is the most recent development in home based cleaning. Bearing resemblance to a thin pull-out wardrobe, this gadget claims to decrease wrinkles, counteract odors, revive and conserve fabrics and bring back fitting to the stretched-out sweaters and shirts.


Made by Whirlpool and Procter & Gamble, the machine costs $500 and is currently available for pre-order at stores in Bloomingdale and also at the website In the following month, it is going to be set free at the major retailers, like Best Buy and Bed Bath and beyond. It is also going to be put on show in a select Delta Sky Club lounges.

According to its makers Swash though not able to get rid of nasty stains, is able to lengthen the time of visits to cry cleaners for lightly dirty garments. The system is plugged directly onto the wall and takes approximately 10 minutes for every use.

One hanger is able to hold as many as three garments at once, for fabrics such as denim, polyester, wool, cotton, Lycra, and cashmere. Swash in also game for sequins, lace and subtle beading.

The way in which it works is very simple. The clothes should be clipped in and a water-based Swash pod is dropped in place after which you must press a button. The water-based solution is sold independently in scents such as Recharge, Awaken, and Unwind and costs $7 for 12 cups.

Vapshot Gadget Makes it Possible to Inhale Alcohol at Home


The vapshot machine is a new version of inhaling alcohol, which is ideal for being used at home.

The new machine which has just been released claims of being able to turn any form of alcohol into a vapor which can then be inhaled by using a straw. This vapshot mini machine, costing $700, boasts that it hits you instantaneously.


However, according to the health experts, vapshot and ‘inhaled’ alcohols generally are much more unsafe than conventional drinks. According to them the inhaled alcohol through the gadget goes through the lungs and straight into the bloodstream without going through the digestive system and there is the possibility of hazardous intoxication levels.

The chances of this are more if inhaled alcohol is used in excess. According to the California Emeryville National Alcohol Research Center director Thomas Greenfield, inexperienced people at get-togethers who are under public pressure of peers might use this way of consuming alcohol and they might not be able to control the amount they consume.

However the producers addressed the apprehensions that have been voiced over this gadget on its site. It stated that vapshot releases a controlled amount for each of its serving, which makes the intoxication level and the amount of ethyl alcohol inside the lungs measurable.

Control Your Home with £200 Archos Smart Home Remote


Archos had unveiled its smarthome gadget that it announced in the beginning of this year in January, CES 2014.

The firm had announced that it has a series of connected objects ready under the name Smart Home and these products are smart plugs, alarms, mini cameras, motion sensors etc.


Smart Home Tablet which is actually an Android tablet connects them with the help of Bluetooth LE and central hub connectivity.

The idea is to offer a wireless system which is scalable which means the user can add various elements to make a change in their homes. This device is not about home automation but is design to offer great amount of flexibility.

The firm also states that one can even take a snap while someone is opening the front door, add a notification and send that pic through the Android and iOS Smartphone.

The starter pack of Archos smart home is now available for sales. This pack arrives with Smart Home Tablet, two Mini Cameras to capture pictures, two Movement Tags to identify movements and opening of door and two Weather Tags to find the changes in temperature and humidity.

Knock to Open Your Knock2Open Dishwasher!

Miele Knock2Open Dishwasher

Miele has made an announcement that Knock2Open dishwasher would make your kitchen much smarter and allows you to open the door by knocking it twice simply on the front of the dishwasher on its top third.

The feature is available on all Generation 6000 dishwashers of Miele which allow you to enjoy a handle free design to flaunt a clean minimalist look to the kitchen.

Miele  Knock2Open Dishwasher

Miele also states that these integrated dishwashers would ignore some noises in the vicinity and hence it will not open while you are involved in creating some noises in your kitchen or clatter your utensils.

These Generation 6000 dishwashers of Miele arrive with latest technology to wash and have an option to switch to extra silent mode (38dB) and hence it will not disturb you while you are enjoying your food with your family.

The Generation 6000 dishwashers of Miele also have an automatic program that utilizes fresh water of just 6.5 litres for its automatic wash and has a rate of A +++ to save energy.

These days, only smartphones have knock-to-unlock feature and this unique feature is now introduced in the Generation 6000 dishwashers. These dishwashers are available from £1700.

Get a Perfect Cup of Tea Brewed by this Gadget!

Bkon Craft Brewer

A gadget with a whopping price tag of £777 or US$ 13,000 is said to make the perfect cup of tea by its manufacturers.

Bkon, the manufacturing company of this tea making machine said that the process of brewing is much more complicated than dipping the tea bag in a cup of hot water.

While the prototypes of this machine are being tested in the coffee shops in US, the device is expected to be made available for commercial use later this year. However experts are doubtful whether anyone would be ready to shell out such a ransom for a device that can make tea.

Bkon Craft Brewer

The Craft Brewer makes use of an innovative process of brewing known as the Rain or Reverse Atmospheric Infusion. With the help of a brewing chamber, the user can put the loose tea leaves along with water. Then a vacuum effect is created by drawing out the air.

The chamber is filled with negative pressure which makes the tea leaves to surface in the water which can help draw lots of flavour in a precise manner thereby adding hot water, according to the company. The process can be repeated for 60 seconds to 90 seconds.