Apigy has recently proved that the evolution of the technology has many pros in our daily lives. The US-based company’s recent innovation – the much talked-about Lockitron – allows keyless entry into your home using your Smartphone.

Lockitron allows the users to lock or unlock the door from anywhere in the world and its two-button app can be easily downloaded on any Smartphone. Even the installation takes only a few minutes. Further, you can instantly share the access of the device with your family and friends. It will even work with text messages.

Another important feature of Lockitron is that it lets you know whenever your door is locked or unlocked – either by means of a Smartphone or by using a key – by sending you notifications.

For more safety, the new Lockitron installs on the inside of the door so that the users don’t have to bother about any damage being made to the device. One of the benefits of the system is that its lets your guests in even when you are far away from home and ensures that the door is safely locked after they are gone. And for those of you who’s home’s are equiped with cctv cameras, you’ll be able to monitor them coming and going!

Thanks to a built-in knock sensor, users will even know if anyone knocks on the Lockitron-installed door as the device promptly sends messages whenever anyone tries to enter the house. Lockitron is an ideal solution for co-working spaces as it allows access in a moment’s notice.

It comes in different colors and finishes including Obsidian Black, Light Blue and Quick Silver. The unique feature that makes the device trustworthy is that it uses the same cryptographic protocols used in online banking.

It runs on 4 AA batteries lasting for one year and the devices also lets the users know when they are running low. Priced at only as low as $149, the new Lockitron is a smart choice for those looking for convenience and peace of mind.