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Canvio Home NAS introduced by Toshiba

Canvio Home NAS introduced by Toshiba

Toshiba has come up with the latest Canvio Home Backup & Share that acts as a NAS and capable of bringing different types of content with easy access. The NAS from the company is expected to be made available in different capacities with a maximum of 3TB. It will allow users to have access to content on contextual basis.

Canvio Home NAS introduced by Toshiba

Toshiba Canvio Home is designed specifically to address different issues that were observed in the past regarding storing of files. The device will be available with easy to use as well as easy to install software. Once the device starts working, users will not face any issues regarding log-in as well as locating files and other content they search for. The single application of the device provides users with an intuitive interface and clear menu. Unlike, other online backup solutions, this device helps to keep digital assets in centralized, familiar and absolutely secure place.

Consuming content has become quite easy these days thanks to numerous methods available in present day’s digital playground. The new device introduced by the company fits properly within the digital lifestyle capable of playing popular platforms available in the market like Mac computers, Windows PCs, iPad and iPhone, Android tablets and Smartphones as well as DLNA-compatible devices. Toshiba Canvio Home 2TB costs $ 199.99 whereas Toshiba Canvio Home 3TB costs $ 259.99.

Smart keypad with Bluetooth by Satechi


The new Smart keypad by Satechi is considered to be perfect accessory for all Apple users. It is wireless and has Bluetooth connectivity. Its metallic silver finish is very similar to the Apple devices. The new features added in this keyboard will surely attract the gadget enthusiasts. It comes with an added advantage as it is considered to be useful for both working people and other seasoned computer users. There is no need of any USB port to use this device. One can easily toggle between the keypad Mode and Calculator mode while using the Smart keypad. This device works perfectly in calculator mode and performs all types of arithmetical operations. This also includes the memory and backspace operations.

When it is in the Keypad mode it works like the normal number pads. Users will be able to type equations and numbers quickly and with ease. This is much better when compared to traditional tablets and laptops that have number layouts. It is very slim and has a curvy design like other Apple devices. The compact BT wireless keypad can be packed easily and has a excellent LCD display. There is an LED indicator that informs the condition of the battery. The device is expected to cost around $34.99.

VIRTUE Gaming PC Unveiled by Digital Storm

VIRTUE Gaming PC 1

As far as the world of gaming is concerned, the gamers are “distributed” according to their dedication levels. Most of them are quite happy with their standard gaming machines, whereas others prefer a fully customized one. But the hardcore gamers would love to build their machines from ground-zero, using the best parts available in the market, without making any compromise.

A well-known name in the gaming-universe is Digital Storm and this time, they have come forward with a model named VIRTUE.


It comes as a mid-tower desktop that boasts a brushed aluminum and steel exterior. The benchmark crushing components are crammed inside a large upgradable interior regardless of the relatively compact footprint.

Digital Storm’s Rajeev Kuruppu was quoted in saying that the company noticed that only a handful of PC manufacturers are coming up with mid-tower gaming machines that receive the same attention as that of ultra-tower PCs. VIRTUE represents a high standard of gaming, both in performance and aesthetics.

Thanks to its liquid cooling system that boasts 5 fans along with a 240mm radiator, the VIRTUE can support the entire range of top-end hardware. It has room for two video cards and two hard drives as well.

Logitech’s G Series PC Gaming Peripherals

Logitech’s G Series PC Gaming

Logitech has announced its new G Series PC gaming peripherals. The new devices feature strong reinforcement points on commonly used areas.

General Manager of Logitech gaming business group Ehtisham Rabbani, said that Logitech has studied the contact between hand and device using infrared technology during game play.

G700 is the new wireless gaming mouse from Logitech. The hydrophobic coating keeps the dry grip even after hours of play. The mouse also has 13 programmable macro able buttons. It is available at a retail price of $99.99.

G500s features customizable weight, a laser sensor, centre of gravity and 10 programmable macro buttons. It is available at a retail price of $69.99.

Logitech’s G Series PC Gaming

G400s is a high end optical mouse. The Mechanical switches enable the mouse smooth run even after 20 million clicks and the sensor can scale from 400 to 4000 DPI. It is available at a retail price of $59.99.

G19s is the latest upgrade to G series Game Panel keyboards that started with Logitech G15 keyboard and evolved onto the G19 which features a color LCD screen. The G19s comes with full colored Game Panel LCD screen, hydrophobic coating, custom-colored backlighting, anti ghosting capabilities, 12 programmable macro keys and two high speed USB 2.0 ports. It is available at a retail price of $199.99.

G430 Gaming headset provides virtual 7.1 channel surround sound system through Dolby Headphone technology.  The microphone can be folded when not in use and has washable ear cups. It is available at a retail price of $79.99.

G230 headset sports a noise cancelling microphone, 40mm neodymium drivers and inline audio controls. It is available at a retail price of $59.99.

These new products are going to be available in U.S and Europe in April and May 2013 respectively.