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Mojio’s Car Gadget To User Telus AT&T And Networks For Connecting To Your Smartphone

Mojio's Car Gadget

Mojio is looking forward to connecting your independent car with a little help from Telus and AT&T. The startup, based in Vancouver, declared that its module, which hooks up to the diagnostics port of an automobile, is going to be up for sale by the closing stages of the year in Canada and the US. This module will make use of the 3G networks of Telus and AT&T to carry motor vehicle and app information to the cloud and the smartphone.

Mojio's Car Gadget

Those who have been following Mojio have probably noted that its plans have altered. Though Mojio initiated its beta over the network of T-Mobile and planned to keep on making use of T- mobile data services during its launch of its foremost commercial gadget this summer it says that this deal is no more and AT&T is going to be Mojio’s U.S based carrier partner. That perhaps also gives explanation for the postponement in the shipment since Mojio’s modules have undergone reconfiguration for the networks of Telus and AT&T.

Mojio combines tons of data from the internal network of a car and computer to create accounts of your driving and the general health of a car. Nevertheless it’s utilizing vehicle data together with its cellular connection for linking to additional apps also. A case of point is Glympse, which will utilize the Mojio module for keeping constant checks on where your car is located, regardless of who’s behind the wheels.

Navdy – The Gadget That Could Do Away With The Distractions While Driving

Navdy Gadget

If you are the owner of a smart phone you have certainly been enticed to take a glance at a map or what message had just appeared on the screen when you are driving your car. A startup named Navdy is manufacturing a device which will allow you to see such info without you having to look away from the road. It stays on your dashboard and casts your present speed, turn-by-turn routes, and smart phone notifications, which emerge numerous feet before you in color. With smart phones becoming more undeniable, and in-car amusement systems becoming more diverting, new motor vehicle interfaces may perhaps help tackle driver disruption.

Navdy Gadget

This gadget is slim and black and sized like a salad plate. It has a bent, clear plastic screen on an end and a small unclear screen on the other end. To make it work, information is sent by the use of Bluetooth from an escort smart phone app. A small projector causes the image to appear on a tiny screen which the driver looks at to observe part of the road. An infrared camera would be letting the device make out gestures like swiping to allow an incoming call. You are also able to text and tweet by signaling to introduce a microphone and reading out a message.

However studies have revealed that heads-up displays as well as voice interfaces are also able to be distracting. According to research professor of driver interface group at Michigan Transport institute, Paul Green, whether the heads-up display is diverting depends on the way its is put into practice—whether it gets in your way of seeing things or if it is sufficiently bright to be used in darkness and throughout the day, for instance.

Cars with Internet Facility to be Launched by General Motors by 2014


General Motors plans to build cars with Internet facility so as to attract the present generation of consumers.

The age of technology and development is gradually changing the way car manufacturers approach navigation and in-car entertainment systems. If the systems are capable of producing good results then automakers will get a chance to increase profit margins by tapping new resources.


So far, majority of consumers have complained of these systems as they find it hard to use unlike the Smartphone available with them. Automotive Manufacturers have also faced a tough time finding out ways on how to update car software so that within the car’s life it doesn’t get outdated.

However, Dan Akerson, CEO and Chairman of General Motors has stated recently that Internet enabled vehicles will be launched by middle of 2014 which will allow passengers at the backseat watch streaming video.

This new feature will provide an opportunity to promote advertising within the car and definitely offer a great chance for advertisers to captivate the audience.

US$20 will be earned by GM from each consumer who desires to have this Internet service. Apart from that, the company is working on its OnStar service which allows drivers to connect with live operators for emergency help and directions.