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Galaxy J7 listed by Kazakhstan retailer ahead of launch

Samsung Galaxy J7

Samsung is about to launch a new Samsung Galaxy smartphone very soon. The Galaxy J7 has gone up for pre-orders via an online retailer Kazakhstan prior to Samsung’s launch of the phone. The phone is listed at KZT 49,990 which is roughly $270. The phone is expected to go on sale globally in August.

Samsung Galaxy J7

The specifications of the J7 indicate it is a mid-range device. The phone is powered by a 1.2GHz Marvell octa core processor and 1.5 GB RAM. Storage is expandable up to 128GB through an SD card slot, and the built-in memory stands at 16GB. The camera department includes a 12MP rear shooter and a 5MP front camera. The listing suggests the phone runs on Google’s latest Android Lollipop. The phone has all standard connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS.

The phone is expected to be a successor to the widely popular Galaxy J, which was announced back in December 2013. The specifications of the phone are quite great for the price and should be very competitive in the mid-range segment. The phone is a part of Samsung’s line up of 2015 devices that are aimed to bring the latest version of Android to the masses.

Galaxy A7 Smartphone launched and has a price tag of Rs 30,499

Galaxy A7 Smartphone

South Korean key Samsung has initiated a mid-range smart phone named Galaxy A7 in the marketplace in India for a price of Rs 30,499. This smart phone is up for sale at the e-store of the company. Galaxy A7 happened to be unveiled in the previous month and is presently to be had in white color in India. The models that are colored black and gold are presently being listed as “out of stock” at the e-store.

Galaxy A7 Smartphone

This smart phone is characterized by a full-HD Super AMOLED display of 5.5-inch and 1080x1920p, a frame of metal and has a thickness of just 6.3mm. The smart phone is powered by Android 4.4 KitKat and is incorporated with a rear camera of 13 MP and a front camera of 5MP. Connectivity alternatives for this smart phone include 4G LTE, 3G, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n.GPS and NFC. It is run by a battery of 2600mAh. This dual-SIM smart phone is run by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 oct-core processor of 1.5GHz and RAM of 2GB. It is incorporated with it internal storage of 16GB and this can be expanded till 64GB by the use of microSD card.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Sensor Hacked


Researchers show that spoofing of the fingerprint system of Samsung Galaxy S5 is possible and that is what making it less safe than iPhone.

A German team has hacked the fingerprint security available on flagship Galaxy S5 phone and have also warned that the technology is not a secure one and the consequences can be worse when compared to iPhone 5S.


Berlin based Security Research Labs posted a YouTube video clip that demonstrated how they made use of a mould of rubber to incorporate an image of high resolution of a fingerprint which has been lifted from the screen of a Smartphone.

This same technique was used to spoof the fingerprint sensor available on the iPhone 5S of Apple. The researcher from SRE added that the implementation of fingerprint authentication is not strong in Samsung phones. The researcher group also underlines the need for lockout function in the Samsung mobile which is found in IPhone 5S of Apple.

This feature of Apple known as Touch ID locks the user after 3 attempts even if the phone is switched off or if 48 hours have passed after unlocking the phone or removal or change in the settings of Touch IUD is being made.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Roll-out Brought Forward in South Korea


The launch of Samsung’s brand new Smartphone Galaxy S5 has been advanced with three South Koreas mobile carriers, in order to prevent from the blow of the suspension of sales on its operators.

The regulators have banned SK telecom Company Ltd, LG UPlus Corp and KT Corp from adding new customers or replacing the old customers’ phone for different periods for a about 45 days ranging from 13th of March and 19th May.


The bans coincide with the Samsung Galaxy S5’s global launch on 11th April and it has triggered concerns that the latest model might receive a slow opening following a ban.

The Smartphone already lags behind in areas such as improvements in hardware and faces tight competition from small competitors located at home and abroad. One of the biggest carrier of mobiles in South Korea, SK Telecom added that it has began to offer Galaxy S5 this Thursday for 866, 800 Korean won which is much cheap than other models.

The carrier just has a week to suspend its activities of attracting new customers or the old ones. Its small rivals, LG UPlus and KT have also begun to sell the phone before the ban.

Samsung Galaxy S5 First Rave Review

Samsung-galaxy-s5 (1)

No one has a clue about how the guys at Recombu managed to take a peek at the brand new addition of Samsung Galaxy S5 this early but they have offered the very first rave review on it.

Though Samsung Galaxy S5 looks similar to its predecessor S4, Recombu has found that the design is much mature and advanced than all its other counterparts from the series.

Samsung-galaxy-s5 (1)

The new Samsung smartphone is very comfortable to use as is light-weight as it is just 145 grams. The color saturation effect on the screen would be available in this mobile too as it flaunts an AMOLED screen, making it the best one among the AMOLED Smartphones in the market.

The website has much nicer things to state about the phone like its camera, that arrives with a fast paced shutter speed which makes it similar to iPhone 5. The 16 MP camera of Samsung Galaxy S5 offers images that are crisp and clear.

The Ultimate Power Saver feature transforms the phone into a simple black-and-white screen and offers some specific functions too. However on a regular mode, the battery life lasts up to one and half day, which is impressive too!

Galaxy S4 Mini and Galaxy S4 to Be Introduced with Leather Backsides


Galaxy Note 3 from Samsung was available with faux leather backside last year and the new improved look felt much better than plasticky builds of earlier Galaxy Note and Galax y S models.

The same backside was also included in the Galaxy NotePRO and Galaxy TabPRO tablets which were introduced at 2014 CES.


Recently, the Russian arm of Samsung came up with black editions of Galaxy S4 Mini and Galaxy S4 that included same type of leather back cover. Apart from the new backside being included, other features of these devices remain the same.

Features of the Galaxy S4 include Snapdragon 600 1.9GHz quad-core processor, 1080p five inch display and the Galaxy S4 Mini includes Snapdragon 400 1.7GHz dual-core processor and 960 x 540p 4.3 inch displays.

Both these editions will be launched in Russia in the month of February and the prices are expected to be around $660 for Galaxy S4 and $460 for Galaxy S4 Mini.

Even though, both these models are considered as the flagship models of the company but, their plasticky shells couldn’t reflect such a status. However, with the introduction of these new editions that issue will surely be taken care of.

Samsung Galaxy S5 to Make its Debut by March or April, 2014


Samsung has stated that it is going to launch the Galaxy S5 in the month of March or April, 2014 and even has plans of introducing an updated version of Galaxy Gear Smartwatch.

Samsung’s mobile EVP, Lee Young Heehas said that the design of Galaxy S5 will be somewhat different from its predecessors. The main reason is that the Galaxy S4 didn’t do quite well as expected simply because of the fact that its design was similar to that of Galaxy S3.


Even though details regarding the features or design of the device were not specified, it is likely that the company will introduce iris-recognition technology in some of its high-end devices.

Apart from the Galaxy S5, the new Galaxy Gear will be making its debut and expected to be available with more advanced features and bulky design. Some features will include ability to monitor heart rate, count calories as well as check stress levels.

The company also has plans of introducing updated Galaxy Note during later part of 2014. This device will be aimed towards high-end market where consumers will be willing to pay higher price for this professional device. The company will consider the introduction of the 3-sided wraparound display for the updated Galaxy Note. The pricing details are yet to be revealed.

Galaxy S III from Verizon Getting Android 4.3 Updates


The Premium Suite update from Samsung continues to roll. Galaxy S III from Verizon is next in the line where the Android version will be updated to Jelly Bean 4.3 along with a new software version.

The update will include same features which have been made available in different variants of Galaxy S III from Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T.


After a long wait, users of the Galaxy S III from Verizon will be finally getting the update. Users can easily update the Android version by going from Menu to Settings then About Phone and finally System Updates.

Verizon has already announced that the software update will help in improving the performance of the handset as well as enable support for Samsung Galaxy Gear.

Upgrade to the new Android version will improve the performance of the device in the below mentioned ways:

  • Call settings enhancements
  • Lock Screen settings enhancements
  • A new volume button will now feature on call screen above End button
  • New layout as well as date and time fonts
  • Editable Quick Settings List
  • Addition of New Unlock, Wake Up settings and Help
  • Notification enhancements

Camera will support ‘Sound’ & ‘Shot

U.S. Cellular to Sell Galaxy S4 Mini Online


It was confirmed a month ago that U.S Cellular is planning to fill up its shelves with Samsung Galaxy S4 mini. They have kept their promise and released the device on their website without any pomp or circumstance.

The carrier has priced the phone at $49.99 on a 2-year contract, otherwise $499.99 without a contract.


Running on Android 4.2.2, the device features 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display, 16GB of internal storage space, 1.9-megapixel front-facing and 8-megapixel rear camera and a RAM of 1.5GB. The device is to be powered by a 1900mAh battery and will be supporting 4G LTE network of U.S. Cellular.

When compared with the other big-selling phones of the said carrier, it fits nicely in between the flagships and the budget phones. U.S. Cellular is presently offering Moto X and full-sized S4 free on contract.

The mini is packed with easy-to-navigate and familiar camera interface that comes with the S4 and supports various shooting modes like Sound & Shot, Best Photo, Beauty Face and much more so as to enhance the photographs taken by the most novice of photographers around.

Galaxy Note 3’s Second Update Slated to Roll Out


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is just few weeks old but the Korean major is ready with the device’s second update already. The update is scheduled to roll out in a few days time, although it appears to be quite a minor stuff.

The device so far has received excellent reviews from all quarters, despite some reboot and battery problems. But such things are normal with new devices and are ironed out quickly with updates.


The very first update brought with it some stability improvements and one can be rest assured that the second update will be in the same line as well. No other benefit has been mentioned by the company related to this update that will be coming at 29MB. The build number of the second update is XXUBMJ3.

This latest update has arrived only in a few countries till now including Greece, Romania and the UK. The update will be available via Kies or as an Over-The-Air (OTA) update.  The device will automatically be receiving a notification about the update, or else a user can check it by heading straight to Settings> About Phone > Software Updates.