ASUS ROG finally made the official announcement of the G750 games laptop, which features GTX 700M series of mobile graphics cards from NVIDIA GeForce.

The GTX 700M is the latest released Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) from NVIDIA for gaming laptops and is claimed to be the fastest GPU in the World. Thus, the integration of 700M with G750 certainly gives the latter an edge over it competitors.

ASUS ROG Reveals G750 Games Laptop

Its powerhouse also includes 4th generation of Intel Core i7 CPUs. Apart from processing capabilities, certain output features have been enhanced in G750 too.

An amplifier has been added to the headphone socket, which cranks up the sound effects of the game. An isolated set of gamer-friendly arrow keys and larger multi-point touch pad are incorporated to the key panel which indicates that the unit is seriously meant for games. The pricing details are not yet revealed by the company.