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iFixit proceeds with Dismantling of the 2015 Macbook for finding Tricky Design

iFixit proceeds Macbook

The iFixit lineup has dealt with its most recent dismantling venture and has turned in the direction of the new Mac Book this time. For those not familiar with such take-apart videos, it is simple not a case of redundant curiosity. To take the Mac Book apart can provide valuable evidences on the way in which Apple has re-devised its laptop and present important insight for the ones wanting to do their personal repairs / troubleshoot a hardware hitch.

iFixit proceeds Macbook

Sadly, the newest Mac book has a great deal of awful news for DIY PC fans. Though Apple is fond of announcing increasingly slimmer with all updates all this compactness comes at a expenditure. The existing Mac book is about 0.52 inches, considering its thickets parts, and has a weight of a mere 2.03 pounds, which is grand for toting it about without problem. Those who have been pursuing the way in which Apple is producing its iPads are likely to have an excellent idea of what to look ahead to with the most up-to-date Mac book models. They make use of a great deal of glue for fastening everything together, sacrificing separation and piling components as a great deal as possible.

Alienware Unveils Three New Notebooks at E3 Expo

Alienware Unveils Three New Notebooks at E3 Expo

Three new notebook models were unveiled by Alienware at the E3 Expo featuring Intel’s 4th-generation Core processors.

The line-up has gone through a significant amount of makeover, but still managed to retain the ‘Alienware’ identity for which the company is known all over.

The models are 60% metal, with 100% aluminum lid panel and a chassis of magnesium alloy. Minimizing the amount of plastic composites proves to be welcome departure, but visually the most significant cues comes with the backlit track pad and the LED light pipes showcasing the lids, the sides and the front of the body.

Alienware Unveils Three New Notebooks at E3 Expo

Between the backlit keyboard and the alien-head logo, each notebook consists of 10 distinctive lighting zones that can be lit in a combination of any of the 20 colors coming in the palette. Games featuring AlienFX can alter the color combinations in response to the in-game events like healing, taking damage or completing a quest.

The three models are available in base configuration, but one can upgrade them at the time of purchase. Alienware faces a common question from the enthusiasts regarding the thickness of their notebooks. To which Frank Azor, Alienware’s GM answered that they don’t share performance among the various components, as every part has the capacity to run at full TDP.

Apple’s 11.6 Inch Notebook – MacBook Air MD224LL

U.S. based electronics giant Apple Inc. unveiled its latest laptop model MacBook Air MD 224LL. The 11.6 inch Notebook is available at a starting price of $999.

The Apple MacBook Air MD 224LL is has a stunning model and is outlined by its smooth aluminium enclosure with light and thin durable design.

MacBook Air MD224LL

The specifications of MacBook Air MD 224LL include an 11.6-inch LED-backlit glossy Widescreen Display with 1366×768 pixels high-resolution. It is driven by 1.7GHz Dual-Core Intel i5 Processor with Turbo Boost Technology up to 2.6GHz. It has 4GB RAM of 1600MHz DDR3L onboard Memory with 128GB faster All-Flash Storage of Hard Drive. It has Intel HD Graphics 4000 3D graphics video type.  It also has 720p face time HD camera.

The dimensions of the device are 11.8×0.68×7.58 inches and weighs 2.38 pounds or 1008 grams. Its battery is made of Lithium-Polymer and has up to 5 hours of life and will last up to 30 days on standby. Video output to DVI, Mini Display Port, VGA and HDMI connections with elective Thunderbolt adapters are some of the other features. Its enhanced sound system has Integrated Stereo Speakers and Omni directional microphone. The wireless network consists of 802.11n Wi-Fi and 802.11a/b/g/n with 4.0.Bluetooth. The MacBook Air MD 224LL has a full size backlit keyboard which includes 4 arrow keys and 12 function keys with ambient light sensor.

The software has OSxv10.7 Lion Operating System that includes: Address Book, Mail, iCal, Mac App Store, Mission Control, iTunes, Safari, Time Machine, FaceTime, Photo Booth, Launch pad, Air Drop, Auto Save, Quick Look, Spotlight and iLife 11.