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15 Project Management Quotes to Live By

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How Recruitment Marketing Helps in Talent Acquisition

Recruitment Marketing

It was in the bygone era when job seekers thronged at the gates of potential employers. With the advent of the web world and the democratization that it has brought along, the fulcrum in the job market has tilted towards the best candidates. Recruiting the right guys doesn’t mean tossing a job requisition in the air and waiting for the right hire to walk in. Recruitment, today, is defined on the lines of marketing the employer’s brand well for the target customers – here the best candidates – and retaining them. Put in a nutshell, recruitment is all about getting the right guys for the right posts and at the right time for your organisation, isn’t it? Recruitment marketing has a pivotal role to play in talent acquisition. Read on to know how.

Improvising Employer Brand Image

Employer’s brand speaks a lot than any of the other points and it is a pivotal step towards shaking hands with the right candidates. In the absence of a strong and viral employer image, the recruiting organisation stands no chance of attracting even one top cadre performer. In today’s enmeshed world it is highly inevitable that you market the organization right along with clear communication. It is an enormous potential within the job market domain that can relate well with the right job seekers.

Back Referral Hire Programs

Referrals are capable of producing the highest quality hires. Since selling jobs to the best candidates is at times 50 per cent harder, referral programs become highest-funded recruiting source. In a referral hire program the existing employees become the best salespeople and take lead in convincing sceptical individuals to join the firm. Long-time employees are very effective in relationship-building and selling the right job. Referral programs are the best source for quality hires.

Recruitment Marketing

Poach via Stronger Trust and Relationship

Desperate and mediocre applicants don’t need a relationship or regular contact. But with talented and high demand prospects, building trust so that they come to you whenever they want to look for an outside job is a good way of building the pipeline for the right talent. Smart managers and firms are known to intensely ramp up their talent retention and counteroffer the efforts. That makes it especially hard to steal top employees from competitive firms.

Let your Social Media Presence Talk

Social Marketing is your recruiting voice. Believe it or not, it is the vox populi that controls how a firm’s brand is perceived. Tailor this instant reaction recruiting tool to channelize your messaging on drawing the hires you most wish for. Remember that social media also means the end of packaging your employee culture in smiling generic photos. Aspirants appreciate facts and expect to get the real feel of your organization’s working style. Ensuring that your social messaging tone is an actual reflection of your corporate culture is a sure step to attract the right folks.

Thankfully recruitment marketing tools are gaining importance and the methodologies that were once the secret of the select few expensive recruitment agencies are now open to all for good analysis. Using it the right way can surely bring great results in talent acquisition.

Benefits of Using the Right Contact Management Software

Contact Management Software

Your business is in its expansion stage and there you are with the push and pull for which of the technologies should you go with and which ones to ditch. We bet, you are sure to be in a quandary over using contact management tools? Now, question yourself – what can contact management do for my business rather than – why should it be bought? Be prepared to spend some time to get it set up and running and then sit back and relax while contact management simplifies your business needs for years to come. Here are the benefits that are sure to tilt you in favour of the contact management tools.

Leads to the Right Sales Organization

The software stores the contact lists of leads and potential clients along with the number of times they have been contacted with the notes on what their expectations are. It being central to your business can be well accessed by all departments including the marketing ones. Well equipped with marketing templates along with timed and automated system, the software helps you save enormous time that is otherwise spent in researching the precious data. This helps your business or business groups focus on converting the leads to clients ringing in the right sales.

Contact Management Software

Offers Simplicity in Maintaining and Fetching Contacts

The software offers an amazing convenience to retrieve the list of each contact that you touch base with. Each phone call, email or meeting is logged and stored along with the contact’s information. This log can easily be pulled within seconds. Even with a client’s surprise phone call, when you have no time to scout for his details, the software will offer you the entire account history. This simplicity of record maintenance and easy retrieval is a favourite with this software’s users.

Helps Sales Get Centralized

Your business caters to a number of products with dedicated departments. You will surely not want each and every sales team unit to scout for potential clients when there is already a list generated by another sales team. The beauty of this software to offer a centralised approach to your business is sure to reap good benefits to your entire organisation. With the clients’ data stored centrally, all marketing teams have access to potential clients thus helping your company in cross-selling the products and services.

Highly Efficient and Organized

Contact management software is highly robust with several tools that offer greater efficiency to work towards achievable goals for any business. Systematized contact information, sales and marketing activity, client interactions and customer support are the areas where your company will experience more efficiency in day-to-day work routine. This will act as a big boon when your firm wants to have automated email campaigns which will ultimately see an increase in sales with your new customers as well.

With these top benefits you should have no dilemma in choosing contact management software. Save time on scouting for client information and free up yourself to focus on other important aspects of your business, such as strategizing the business plans and looking for new markets.

EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Free 9.0

Data Recovery

There are times when we are just being careless and accidentally deleted something and we want to restore deleted files back. Don’t you wish for a data recovery free solution to solve all your problems? That can also double up as a card recovery solution especially if you are heavily using your smartphone, tablet or digital camera.

Yes now there’s an easier way to restore deleted files. It goes by the name of EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Free 9.0, and this data recovery free solution will help you in more ways than you can think of.

It is as easy as 1-2-3 and you will be well on your way to performing a card recovery. First of all, you will need to download, install and launch the program. Secondly is for it to scan your devices and finally it allows you to preview and recover the files that you want. It doesn’t get any simpler than this right? Before you know it, you are able to restore deleted files in just a few moments.

Data Recovery

You will certainly benefit from the 2 different scanning modes that this data recovery free solution provides. The first is Quick Scan is where it will typically scan for deleted files and will usually finish in less than a minute. If you can’t find what you are looking for, then perhaps it is time for you to proceed with performing a more thorough Deep Scan. This will require more time but it will definitely find whatever it is that you are looking for in terms of formatted, inaccessible or lost files. Well as long as you run and complete the scan as soon as you realized that there are missing data to make sure that the card recovery works well and you should be able to restore deleted files with ease.

If you are looking for a top-notch and easy to use system, then this is it. The benefit that you will get out of it is enormous and it will be sooner rather than later you will have to depend on it.

EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Free 9.0 is very easy to use and is 100% safe, even for those who don’t have any technical knowledge. All you need to do is follow the on-screen instructions and you will be fine. It only takes 3 simple steps to restore deleted files and you should start using this data recovery free solution as soon as you can. The back-end system will then take care of everything and you will see the card recovery unfold before your very eyes.

10 Steps to a Kickass Project Kickoff: A Checklist for Project Managers

Steps to a Kickass Project Kickoff

Contracts have been signed, hands shaken, and you’re now officially hired to lead a new project. Get ready to roll up your sleeves — now the real work begins! Successful projects start with a great kickoff meeting. Setting the right tone from the get-go can make or break your project, so hit a home run by following our 10-step project kickoff checklist.

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Repair or Replace – That Is the Question


Technology is born to die. If it doesn’t become obsolete within a few years, you can be pretty certain that there’s a high chance a component may have failed through wear, poor maintenance or accidents. This poses the question of whether or not it’s worthwhile having the item repaired, or if you should just bite the bullet and buy a replacement product.

It may sound surprising in our throwaway culture that having items repaired is, in many cases, the best option provided that the owner was satisfied with the products efficiency beforehand. So, here’s a guide to when it may be best to consider looking into getting faulty electronics repaired by Apple certified technicians such as, and the couple of times it may be best to forget and replace.


Mobile phones

We’re talking specifically about smartphones here, and what to do if the device has stopped working and isn’t covered by any form of mobile or home insurance. The good news is that compared to laptops and tablets smartphones have a slightly better chance of surviving accidental damage. They sure aren’t waterproof, but unless submerged in water there’s a possibility it could be salvageable. Cracked screens are easily replaced by those with a little know-how and are comparatively inexpensive. Of course, it depends upon the scale of the damage but unless it’s catastrophically mangled it really can pay to get the smartphone repaired.

Laptops & desktops

Laptops aren’t born equal – some are exceedingly prone to damage while others make their sturdiness a key selling point. It depends very much upon the nature of the damage and if this is internal components or aesthetic (screen/casing etc.). Perhaps unsurprisingly the insides of an inexpensive laptop are much easier to source and cheaper to buy than those of a Mac.

If the damage is merely a corrupted hard drive or faulty RAM then it really ought to be cheaper to get it repaired, even mass produced processors and graphics cards come cheap nowadays. 1TB hard drives can be found online for at least half the price they were a few years ago, but Apple components are very rarely cheap. Take it to an expert who will be able to diagnose the problem, cost the parts and labour then make a value judgement. If it’s a faulty battery then you’re in luck, if it’s a toasted motherboard then it may be time to make funeral arrangements.

Much of the above also applies to desktop PCs but an important caveat is that unless it’s a high-powered gaming or design rig, they are likely much less valuable than laptops. In hand with this they can be easier and cheaper to repair, but in doing so it might be worth considering including a system upgrade into the repair job to improve the overall performance. Of course, desirable machines such as iMacs really need to be looked at carefully as these are so expensive to replace.


By far and away the most common fault with tablets are cracked screens, even just a little dent can make sections of the screen pretty unusable. Good news is that these can be repaired cheaply depending upon the model and costs.

Compared to laptops, tablets have a generally pretty good lifespan especially those towards the top of the pyramid, but then they tend to be pretty expensive too. Plus the technology, specifications and demands that apps are placing on tablets mean that many of the older or cheaper models are becoming substantially underpowered and will likely be obsolete pretty soon. So even though you may have spent top dollar on that first generation iPad, if the cost to repair it is going to run over $200, think carefully – it’s probably worth that now second-hand.

However, as a general rule, more recent tablets are definitely worth saving providing the price is right. This is because they are expensive items in their own right and also recent models retain a significant second-hand value. Even if planning to upgrade, repairing and then trading in the tablet will often make money that can be reinvested towards an even newer model. As a rough rule be realistic about what it’s worth, and factor in the repair costs.

There’s no set comparison here because the values range so widely. As a rule of thumb get it repaired if it’s no more than half the cost of the value, or if it’s a high quality recent iPad.

Concluding thoughts

Every technical disaster whether accidental or natural failure needs to be treated as a unique case. When dealing with high tech pieces of hardware – especially desirable consumer items such as Apple products – then it is almost always better to gain the advice of a qualified expert in those products. Even a repaired and second-hand Apple device is going to retain value so check out those in the know at to get a realistic appraisal of your damaged Apple device.

Video Is Key To YOUR Business!

Video Is Key To YOUR Business

Does it surprise you that two thirds of people are visual learners? It’s true – which means that you could potentially isolate the majority of your audience as a business, if you’re not paying attention to their needs. How are they supposed to engage with your brand if you’re doing that? Not only does video look good, the visual data it contains is usually processed much faster than text.

The statistics speak for themselves, as seen below in the infographic produced by video production company Posh Gecko. Over half of all marketers (read: the people responsible for getting your businesses name out there!) say that video content is the material with the best return on investment, and that speaks volumes. You can learn – and gain – a lot, just from implementing a video into your strategy.

In this day and age, people want video. They’re watching billions of hours a month, and your business doesn’t want to be left out of that. You can personalise it any which way you want, and give a face (literally) to your brand. We all have a ton of gadgets – they’re not just for our personal use. Often, people will make purchasing decisions based on adverts or videos they’ve watched in their downtime.

Don’t ignore the facts. Incorporate video into your strategy – today.

Video Is Key To YOUR Business


Digital Advancements In Online Gaming

online gaming

To many people, online gaming has become a regular part of how we interact with each other. Whether people are playing first person shooters or role playing games in a massive and immersive online world, more advancements in technology can be easily and readily seen in online video games. Individuals even have the opportunity to play casino games at in a virtual environment thanks to how accessible the internet has made gaming to people all over the world. Developments and digital advancements in online gaming can be readily seen in a wide variety of different facets of the experience.

Graphic Updates

One of the most immediately noticeable changes made to modern video games are graphic updates. Not only have these updates been prevalent throughout all genres of videogames, but they have always been a major part of online gaming as well. These graphical advances deliver cleaner and crisper environments that players can enjoy, while establishing much more room for immersion into the game itself. The graphical updates can help players experience sights and sounds as they pertain to the details in the game itself, and many players consider such advances to be a major part of the gaming experience itself. Better graphics in online games allow players to enjoy their experiences even more, as they will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a much more visually striking world, filled with objectives and gameplay opportunities.

online gaming

Interactive Environments

Among the numerous advantages that better graphics provide are the opportunities available for gamers to enjoy a much more interactive type of environment when they play. The addition of things such as environmental features that players can destroy or create can allow games to feel more realistic and developed. Such interactive environments only add to the immersion featured in a wide variety of online games. Because of how well these environments are developed, individuals can expect to enjoy playing with friends and strangers and exploring the interactive environment together. Different objectives and gameplay scenarios will also be developed thanks to the addition of these environments, especially in larger scale online video games. Players are always interested in seeing what new developments will be made in online games that will allow them to enjoy the environment more, enhancing the gamplay experience, no matter whether they are playing with others or by themselves.

Social Advances

Another exciting feature that can be noticed in all online games is the inclusion of social interaction technology that allows people to connect with each other, further developing their gaming experience. Individuals will have the opportunity to talk with players all over the world, collaborating with each other to meet the various objectives throughout the game. Individuals will be able to type to each other, interact with each other through specific gameplay mechanics, and even have the chance to  voice chat through add in programs. Individuals can expect for even further developments to be made in such interactive technology, changing how we perceive social interactions in online video games for the better.


Electronic Cigarettes – Refillable Technologies

Electronic cigarette

Since electronic cigarettes hit the market place in around 2004 they’ve been an unstoppable force in the world of consumer technology. The success of the products is plain to see for everyone with large tobacco companies snapping up e-cig companies left, right and centre. The amounts of money being injected are huge, with one recent deal achieving over £60million and advertising spend by companies in two of the biggest market places, both the US and UK, also in to the millions of pounds.

With heightened promise of success and increased amounts of expectations from consumers, the market is under increasing pressure to innovate. A number of modifications have been made over the years to many elements of the devices initial format and here’s a look at a few of them.

E-cig battery

As with all gadgets the aim is to make the batteries more powerful so that they last longer and to also make them charge more quickly as we constantly become busier in our day to day lives. Batteries in earlier devices were fairly unreliable and the power output was quite small at around 125mAh which would last for around 2 hours. Companies, such as Freshcig, have spent a lot of time developing their range. Now batteries can have around 220mAh to 2,200mAh and last much longer. Many batteries on MOD (advanced) devices have the ability for the user to vary the voltage output of the device, depending on how much vapour you want it to produce.

Electronic cigarette

Electronic cigarette refills

These have been through many evolutionary stages with a focus on a ‘cleaner’ vape and increased vapour production. Initially cartridges contained about 1ml of e-liquid and were screw on disposable options but as demand for the devices has grown, so has the demand for consumers to have more control over their usage. To cater for this, refillable devices with larger batteries and clear cartomisers have been made so that vapers can add their own liquid. Earlier refill versions contain wicks which are heated via an element within them which warm the e-liquid in order to produce vapour. Then we have the wickless types. It’s obvious what the major difference is, but they also produce more vapour and a better throat hit – although they can be more difficult to clean.


The two main ingredients are generally Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine but there have been developments in this area of the e-cig industry. Firstly, the percentages of each of the core ingredients vary from company to company so that you get varying levels of vaper production and throat hit. It was also realised that by adding distilled water to a vegetable glycerine solution more vapercan be produced. Flavourings and additives have developed further and the mixes produce realistic tasting varieties including tobacco variants and food and drink varieties such as chocolate and even Pina Colada.

Anti-Theft Technologies Used by Casinos

casino security

Casinos do big business, and it only stands to reason that they safeguard their interests and investments with the best anti-theft technology money can buy. Movies like Ocean’s 11 may portray gaming establishments as strongholds that can be broken into with the right counter-technologies, airtight strategizing, and maybe just a little touch of deus ex machina. The reality, though, is that it isn’t quite as easy as George Clooney and pals make it out to be, and here’s why:

1. Before the perpetrators can even enter the front doors of the casino, cameras with license plate recognition programs isolate the borders of their car plates, and then translate the numbers and letters on captured photos into text the computer can read. The programs then match the plate numbers to a database of cars of known offenders; and even stolen vehicles.

casino conman

2. In case the wannabe Danny Oceans didn’t bring their limos and luxury cars with them, the cameras inside casinos also have biometric facial recognition. Like more advanced versions of the facial recognition tech in digital cameras, these programs detect the faces of patrons and, as with the license plate readers, match the faces with stored pics in a huge database.

3. Let’s say that the criminal-to-be somehow found a way to make the Mission: Impossible series’ trademark “facemaker” a real thing. He would still have to be careful lest he be singled out by TableEye21, a unique computer program that tracks a huge variety of trend reports, such as how long a player has been playing at a certain table, how often a particular card has shown up in a player’s hand, and even the length of time any given player and dealer have been at the same table.

casino security

4. Taking things further, TableEye21 works in tandem with a program called Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness, or NORA. What the program does is it takes the data gathered by TableEye21, and then matches those with a huge collection of stored records. What makes NORA special is that it examines every possible angle (hence the “non-obvious” part), including out-there associations like whether this player went to the same school with that player, whether this dealer once shared the same address with that player, and so on.

5. Online casinos are slowly but surely replacing brick-and-mortar establishments in terms of patronage, due to the more widespread nature of the Internet. Profit figures aside, this is further demonstrated by the recent partnership of Trump Plaza with online casino provider Betfair. To that end, some technologies that cater to the protection of online gaming sites are also starting to emerge, like Iovation’s ReputationManager 360. In a nutshell, the program pays close attention to IP addresses, proxy server hacks and all. It then matches the addresses to a huge list that continually updates everyday the more cyber-thefts are detected.

The gambling industry is a business that obviously requires a lot of money circulating around; and needless to say, a gaming establishment can’t thrive if the foundation of its business gets taken away. With these programs keeping things in check, though, these casinos can rest assured that operations can go on for as long as the computer systems are in place.